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Case Management

We enable organisations to transform and automate business processes that are highly variable, unpredictable, loosely structured and subject to change.

Our dynamic case management capabilities allow organisations to dynamically create and track the workflows needed to address rapidly changing and incident-specific requirements.

Outreach Digital Forms and Case Management

This solution combines online forms with automated workflow to transform the way an organisation captures, tracks, interrogates and processes applications and data. Customer-facing eforms are highly configurable and can be built with speed and integrated into your website, to offer customers and citizens an easy, intuitive way to interact with your services online.

Forms can also provide authentication for users and the option to upload supporting documentation when required. An intelligent data capture feature ensures accuracy and further improves customer experience. Dynamic workflow tools streamline tasks and data through your organisation, accelerating your processes and service delivery. In addition, the platform has a fully integrated business intelligence tool, which supports full business reporting – empowering organisations with vital insight.

To find out more about Outreach, go to Equiniti's TopLevel website.

MMX Enterprise Case Management

This is configured to your requirements and gives you a transformational approach to case management, allowing you to manage cases holistically. No matter what type of case management work is needed — structured, unstructured or event-driven— MMX can co-ordinate the multiple processes, systems and people required to manage the case and any nested sub-cases and tasks.

With MMX, you can adapt to the unexpected, either through event-driven, automated changes to the case and its processes or through the addition of ad-hoc work. MMX's real-time adaptability allows ad-hoc additions to a case to be saved as a new template. The next time a similar scenario occurs, the captured template can be applied. This approach enables dynamic — even “organic” — case management that continues to improve and always reflects the reality of the case work being done.

To find out more about our enterprise case management, go to the Equiniti Charter website.

Perito Case Management Framework

This incorporates cutting edge technologies for process, document and database management. Designed specifically for complex cases with significant data requirements, Perito is a bespoke framework and platform for building customer specific solutions tailored to their exact requirements, which fully supports your business needs. It ensures that formal case management processes are observed, accountability is kept for all key decisions and documents and data are stored securely. Our bespoke case management platform has a range of features, including: a customer portal, biometric authorisation, mobile capability, on-site case capture and online forms.

To find out more about our case management framework, go to the Equiniti ICS website.


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