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Know Your Customer (KYC)

Equiniti KYC Solutions is an experienced KYC technology and services provider and a trusted partner to leading financial institutions and banks. We have worked exclusively in the KYC sector since 2008.

We help our clients master their customer lifecycle management processes. Our solutions enable quick and efficient due diligence, getting customers onboard and trade-ready as soon as possible. We also support periodic and event-driven reviews, remediation and offboarding.

We offer flexible delivery and can provide software in the Cloud or on premise. Alternatively, clients can adopt KYC-as-a-Service, where we become your KYC department. Equiniti KYC Solutions was a pioneer in developing the KYC-as-a-Service model.

KYC-as-a-Service delivers a more reliable result, more quickly and more cost effectively – typically saving our clients 30-60% in the very first year.

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