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We work with our receivables finance clients to deliver risk management expertise and fraud prevention technology which reduces your risk, improves your operational efficiency and helps you to grow your portfolio. Our unique risk metrics help protect your business against fraud.


Our software helps you to manage and reduce risk. ​

Unique risk metrics proactively monitor your clients, debtors and portfolio to identify any unusual activity.​

To make life easy for you the system colour codes your whole portfolio and instantly alerts you to high risk accounts which need further investigation.​

This helps to protect your business from fraud.

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Our technology makes it easy for you to operate efficiently and eliminate costly, time-consuming manual processes. 

You can use useful tools to track and review covenants, assign follow ups and schedule tasks. 

EQ Riskfactor records all activity in one location to create a detailed audit trail confirming all compliance requirements are met.

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Onboard more clients, make quicker decisions and improve the customer experience.

EQ Riskfactor helps you to target the highest risk accounts so that you can manage larger portfolios and dedicate resource to the right place. This frees up your time for increased client engagement which will help to grow your portfolio.

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Deeper Analysis For Better Decisions

Our receivables expertise and risk analytics help you to make better decisions for your business.

90 %

adoption in the UK market


of lending managed


years of risk expertise

60 k

accounts monitored globally

The Receivables Finance Global Outlook gives a unique insight into the global industry and asks lenders:

  • Have fraud and business closure rates increased during the pandemic?
  • Are your risk management and KYC processes robust enough?
  • What are your top 3 fraud prevention strategies?
  • Why will data extraction become the norm?
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Delivering Transformational Consultancy For Receivables Finance

We help clients deliver complex risk management projects, from strategy development to digital transformation and sustainable change.

Read our brochure to find out how a recent digital transformation project saved one client 30,000 hours of processing time per annum.


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Find Out How Close Brothers Transformed Their Risk Monitoring​

"EQ Riskfactor gives us a deeper understanding of the profile of our client portfolio, enabling us to highlight the highest risk clients."

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