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2023 CGPro Network Monthly Update - October

Thursday, 26 October 2023

October has been busy here at EQ! We hosted the annual conference for our clients at the London Science Museum. Read more about this below.

Anne Marie Clarke Anne-Marie Clarke Director - Head of Corporate Governance

We’ve also been busy speaking with companies and our internal employees about our new product launch, EQ Net Zero initiatives. Why do I highlight this? For me this demonstrates that having engaged employees, that are aligned to what you are doing as a business from a personal perspective, can really help support and drive your success.

And that leads to the theme of this month’s update, the important topic of people, the Social side of ESG. We’re pleased to welcome Fiona Hathorn, who shares her insights and thoughts based on research recently undertaken. Turning to our in-house experts, I then had the pleasure of spending time speaking to our Head of Business Development, Will Furzer. Do take some time to read, as there are some interesting insights.

Happy reading!

The EQ Conference 2023

Before enjoying what the Science Museum’s Wonderlab had to offer, we covered a range of topics with the common theme of Digital. Our EQ Advisory business delivered an insightful session on Managing Risk and ESG in an economic downturn, communicating effectively to attract and retain investors. Our EQ colleagues Adam Green, EQ’s Chief Risk Officer and Mark Robinson, Head of Strategic Accounts, RD:IR, joined the panel together with external experts Jenni Fulton (Emperor), Jennifer Walmsley (Dentons Global Advisors) and Roger Lewis (Downing LLP) to share their perspectives on effective investor relations. All expertly chaired by our Prism CoSec Client Director Madeleine Cordes.

I had the pleasure of hosting the closing keynote, a fireside chat with Priya Lakhani OBE on the topic of Demystifying AI: Trends, challenges, and opportunities. Priya inspired, informed and educated us all on AI. If you haven’t heard Priya speak, do search for her. This is a hot topic that I am sure is being discussed in many boardrooms around the UK (to note, this monthly update has yet to be written by AI!).

My key takeaway is that there are enormous positive impacts….from education to healthcare…and having the right culture in place to embrace the change and opportunities will help organisations to thrive going forwards.

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Are boards equipped to deliver the ‘S’ in ESG?

We are delighted to welcome Fiona Hathorn, CEO of WB Directors, who shares her views on “Are boards equipped to deliver the ‘S’ in ESG?”. A thought-provoking article that uses recent research to inform the debate and delivers actions we can all be part of to help deliver Board composition and the executive pipeline of talent. This article challenges the current status quo, giving the potential for individuals and organisations to excel.

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A Conversation with Will Furzer, Head of Business Development

Will and I met, at our new London office at Moor Place, to talk about what he’s experienced over the last 2 years and what the future holds, the opportunities, and challenges. Having an outward perspective and focus is certainly one I greatly appreciate and benefit from, so thank you for your time and insights as always Will.

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