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EQ Pensions Awarded For Impact On Customer Experience

EQ Pensions Awarded For Impact On Customer Experience

Monday, 21 November 2022

EQ Pensions is proud to win the Impact on Customer Experience Award at the inaugural PMI Pinnacle Awards 2022. This is the second award in a month recognising our customer vulnerability initiative.

The PMI Pinnacle Awards recognise the best of the pensions profession, celebrating people and new ideas contributing to making a real impact in the pensions world.

The award showcases those making a significant, lasting impact on the pensions industry, recognising excellence in those serving customers and clients.

Robert Beverley, Head of Business Development & Marketing commented:
“It’s great to receive any award, two in a month is fantastic. Both recognised the significant effort that has gone in to supporting vulnerable customers, which makes them extra special. This recognition supports our strategic vision of improving the experiences and outcomes for customers by delivering products and services that are accessible to all.”

Caring for the vulnerable

EQ Pensions submission was able to look beyond any single department, recognising our coordinated efforts from across the breadth of our organisation. Highlighting EQ’s training academy, which created and rolled out vulnerable customer courses to staff. Over 600 frontline employees were trained to help them identify vulnerability, including bereavement, financial capability, resilience, long-term or serious illness and 'vulnerable customer in crisis' (covering self-harm and suicide).

Demonstrating the difference made to the overall customer experience with two case studies on how Equiniti colleagues identified and made an actual difference to a vulnerable customer. Read more here.

Technology ensures our servicing platforms record vulnerable customer needs, uniquely recording a preference of how the member wants to engage with us, not simply a sensitive vulnerability.  The team also gathers insights through Management Information and keywords in recorded Customer Experience Centre calls with speech analytics technology to ensure service levels meet the expectations of every member.

Through our retirement solutions, our mission is to care for every customer, and we aim to simplify each transaction. There is always more to do. We will keep improving our experience to care for all members now and in the future.