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Working Better With Bereavement

Using just one online notification, The Death Notification Service (DNS) lets consumers tell multiple companies of their need to register a death. The purpose? To reduce the emotional and administrative burden on the relatives of deceased customers.

The online portal also supports your in-house team. With some significant operational benefits, alongside improved customer service, there is the potential to improve reputation.

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Better For Your Business, Better For The Bereaved


Benefit from reduced costs and improved efficiency with our secure, automated service.

Timely and validated notifications increase efficiency and accuracy in the death notification process.

Enhanced customer experience and interactions improves reputation with customers and the regulator.

Reduced call volumes, emails and post interactions release contact centre resource to deliver other initiatives for customers.

Improving The Process For Businesses And The Bereaved


notifications of death processed per annum


reduction in cost for each notification


death validation, and identity of the notifier, confirmed

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working with the best industry-standard bereavement principles


online service, always available

Ready To Find Out More?

The DNS delivers a strong customer experience through the death notification journey. It brings tangible commercial benefits to your business too.



Discover how the DNS delivers for businesses and the bereaved

Adopting the DNS can help reduce the financial and emotional burden on your business, staff and customers. Find out how.

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Learn more about the business benefits of joining the DNS.

Find out more about the cost and time savings, as well as the operational improvements the DNS can provide.

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Find Out More About Death Notification Service

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If you're an individual we can help you with the estate administration process in the following ways:

  • Register a death with multiple organisations via a single online form using our Death Notification Service
  • Get help and advice on how to manage a shareholder’s estate on Shareview
  • Find out how our complete estate administration service can help you through the probate process