Global Payments

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EQPay's API allows companies of any size to seamlessly integrate our end-to-end cross-border payments technology with their infrastructure.

Benefits of our API​

  • Facilitates cross-border payments in over 130 currencies to more than 180 countries ​
  • Helps ensure that payment data is valid and complete via our real-time data validation tool
  • Automates end-to-end processing of global payments
  • Enables you to easily and efficiently process multiple payments simultaneously
  • Check your currency balances to ensure sufficient funding to process your payments

Alongside these benefits, accessing our multi-currency pricing capabilities via our API allows you to:​

  • Obtain fixed daily foreign exchange rates, enabling you to offer prices to your customers in local currencies and to fix your income on customer bookings
  • Have flexibility in your settlement terms to replicate your preferred payment cycle

Learn more about EQPay's API

For more information on our integration capabilities, talk to one of our Payment Specialists today.