Global Payments

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Connecting with EQPay provides both you and your clients with access to an extensive payments network and host of capabilities. We can tailor our service to your business requirements, via our single, easy-to-use platform or API.

Partner services

EQPay enables partners to set-up individual accounts for clients alongside a master account. This allows partners to oversee the payment process your individual clients or to actively manage business payments on their behalf. 

Depending on your preference, we can provide direct support to your clients using the EQPay platform or offer a white-label service, whereby our payments platform is branded under your organisation. While you would manage the payments under a white-label service, EQPay’s dedicated and expert team will be on hand to assist. 


Through EQPay's API, we can support partners who are looking to implement a fast, online payment option for their customers. Integrating our expansive payment network and coverage with your platform enables your customers to experience a seamless payment process.

Our integration capabilities

Learn more about partnering with EQPay

If you would like more information on how partnering with EQPay could help improve and streamline your clients' payment processes, talk to one of our Payment Specialists today.