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When you self-invest, you take control.

EQi is a digital investing platform for individual investors; allowing direct control. This means, you are your own investment manager, so you can have a hands on approach to growing your wealth over the long-term. 

The EQi platform gives you access to global markets and over 8000+ investments across shares, funds, bonds and more.

EQi offers one of the most competitive dealing commissions in the market and a flat custody fee for using the service, so you won’t pay more as your investments grow. As any charges for online dealing commissions and funds platform fees are deducted from your custody fee, you might be able to reduce this fee to nil.

You can choose from a Dealing Account, or tax-efficient accounts like an ISA, LISA or SIPP (Self-Invested Personal Pension) to start building your investments.

It is easy to open an account and the dashboard is simple to use, so you can invest, plan for growth and track the performance of your portfolio, anywhere, anytime.

Choose the EQi account to best suit your needs

Eqi Dealing Acct

EQi Dealing Account

Our Dealing Account is a simple and flexible account with no limit on how much you can invest per year. Access a wide range of investments both in the UK and overseas and start regular investing with just £10 for £1.50 per trade.

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EQi Stocks And Shares ISA

An ISA is an Individual Savings Account designed to be a tax efficient way to save or invest money. Invest up to £20,000 per year, take advantage of tax benefits and access your money at any time.

We are one of the few providers to offer a Flexible ISA. This type of ISA allows you to withdraw cash from your ISA at any time and replace it, within the same tax year, without affecting your £20,000 subscription.

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EQi Lifetime ISA

A Lifetime ISA (LISA) is a form of ISA, only available to UK citizens who are aged between 18 and 39 to help people save for their first home or put money aside for their retirement.

The government will add a 25% bonus based on the contributions paid into the account each year. To secure the maximum £1,000 annual bonus, you will need to have paid in £4,000 each tax year.

A LISA forms part of your ISA overall annual allowance, which is currently £20,000 each tax year.

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A SIPP, or Self-Invested Personal Pension, is a pension which gives you the freedom to manage and choose how your retirement savings are invested.

In a SIPP you can invest in a wide range of asset classes, regions and sectors, allowing you to diversify your pension investments. SIPPs also share the tax benefits of other private pensions, between 20% up to 45% tax relief.

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