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Meaningful benefits programmes are built on staff needs. With data-led insight, EQ builds compelling benefits and communications. The result? Positive employee experience.

Employee Insights

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Interests, motivations, and life pressures; better understand your employees for results. Support your staff throughout.

  • Build an accurate picture: By using behavioural data or socio-economic employee profiling.
  • Improve and engage: Use insights to reveal trends to inform future planning.
  • Keep valuable talent: Work with aspirations, challenges, and key drivers of employees.

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Communicate Brilliantly

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Using relevant on and offline channels, engage your staff all year round. Want one single view of rewards, benefits and shares? Peoplespace delivers this and more.

  • Designed for use, and built for business: Include all employee benefit and total reward programmes.
  • Employee understanding of value: ‘Dynamic Total Reward’ view, clearly communicates employer offering.
  • Engage at every stage: From recruitment, retention, through absence, and productivity.
  • Express your company values: Full reward and recognition programmes via Peoplespace.
  • Meet business objectives: Align benefits and communications with the bigger picture.

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Engage Well

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Peoplespace, EQ’s award-winning technology, brings all reward offerings together in one hub.

  • Recognise needs of a diverse workforce: Fully-managed flexible benefits.
  • Less clicks, more engagement: Design to encourage completion of requests.
  • Wellbeing is key: Financial, mental, physical, and emotionally supportive content in the: “Wellbeing Centre”.
  • Over 13,000 employee discounts: How about a full concierge service?
  • Health, wellbeing and CSR: Your rewards programme works with wider business initiatives.
  • Stay relevant: Bi-annual health checks for your scheme.
  • Desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone: Anytime, anywhere access.

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North of England NHS CPC Members

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As part of the health, wealth, and wellbeing framework, EQ are proud to support the North of England NHS. We are an awarded supplier of employee benefits and CPC (Commercial Procurement Collaborative) members. Our range of benefits include: physical support, emotional, mental, social, and financial wellbeing.

We help in many ways, including:

  • Total reward.
  • Flexibility
  • PeopleSpace software.
  • Employee Benefit and reward programmes.
  • Employee communication programmes.

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Creating Enhanced Employee Experiences With Our Technology, People and Insight

100 k

employees use Equiniti HR applications

4 m

employees have benefits and rewards managed by Equiniti

30 %

rise in employee engagement through our platforms

60 %

increase to the number of visits to reward platforms

Award-Winning Technology At Our Heart

EQ was recently awarded Pension Scheme Administrator Of The Year 2021 At The European Pensions Awards. EQ was recognised for our dedication to supporting clients, as well as our innovation in our digital-first technology approach to support scheme members.

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Delivering Employee Reward solutions for over 20 years

Dan Sherman

Business Development Director, HR Solutions
Delivering HR Strategies for the UK's biggest companies

Tim Brook

Head of Engagement & Platforms
Delivering innovation to HR professionals for over 20 years

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Using Total Reward Statements To Motivate Employees

Why do you offer an employee benefits scheme? However large or small your business, the aim of providing an attractive reward package is to motivate talented individuals to join the company, to remain loyal to the company, and to do the best job they can.


How To Create A Financial Wellbeing Strategy

How financially healthy are your employees? You can probably get a good idea by monitoring their performance. After all, it’s hard to bring your ‘A game’ to the office – or the home office – when you’re worrying about how you’re going to pay your bills or survive financially in the future.


How To Investigate Health Demographics And The Potential Health Risks Your Organisation Might Face

Future health risks is a big topic. So, we felt the most interesting and effective way of tackling it succinctly would be to use a real-life employer case study to understand the importance of workplace health demographics.


COVID-19 And Mental Health: Coordinating An Effective Response

According to the Mental Health Foundation, the proportion of adults who were “coping well with the stress of the pandemic” fell from 73% to 63% between March and November last year.


Responsible Reward For The Long Term: How To Create A Truly Responsible LTIP strategy

Companies talk a lot about the environmental, social and governance (ESG) agenda, but it’s questionable whether this is born out in executive reward strategy. Long-Term Incentive Plans (LTIPs) are still very much weighted towards financial measures of success.

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