Paymaster Software 900


Scalable technology to meet the demands of an ever-changing pensions landscape

Our web-based platform, Compendia is used by in-house teams administering their own pension schemes, consultancies, the government and third party administrators.

Compendia is our leading-edge pensions and payroll administration system, ranked number one in the industry by its users. It provides an intuitive, user‐friendly interface, backed up by a huge array of functions configured to meet each scheme’s individual requirements.

Our fully managed and secure Hosted Service solution allows clients to benefit from our leading edge pensions administration technology without having to purchase, install and maintain operating hardware or software themselves. It provides technical support and specialist expertise, manages responsibility for monitoring housekeeping and performance, and carries out out-of-hours maintenance and upgrades.

The solution also offers clients access to our comprehensive Disaster Recovery service which enables pensions administration operations to continue in the event of disasters such as floods, terrorism or fires, with minimal disruption.

Equiniti's actuarial valuation platform, SuperVal, enables the rapid and accurate actuarial valuation of any defined benefit pension portfolio, calculating scheme assets and liabilities. It is the market’s leading actuarial valuation platform, widely used by consulting firms and pension industry actuaries in the UK and South Africa.


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