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Gaming Reforms

Betting and Gaming Sector: Prioritising Customer Well-Being Through Effective Complaints Management

Thursday, 9 November 2023

The recent government white paper on gambling harm has highlighted the need for the betting and gaming sector to prioritise customer well-being and take steps to mitigate the potential negative impacts of their services. Complaints and feedback data can play a crucial role in helping the sector to enhance their services in alignment with these goals.  

We highlight 10 ways in which the sector can leverage this data: 

1 - Identify Patterns of Harm 

Complaints and feedback data can provide insights into patterns of harm experienced by customers. By analysing this data, betting and gaming operators can identify common issues leading to customer dissatisfaction and potential harm. This information can guide them in revising their services to reduce harmful practices. 

2 - Improve Responsible Gambling Measures 

Feedback data can help operators understand how well their responsible gambling measures are working. If customers are frequently complaining about issues related to self-exclusion, spending limits, or other responsible gambling tools, operators can refine and strengthen these measures to better protect vulnerable individuals. 

3 - Tailor Communication and Marketing 

Complaints and feedback data can shed light on instances where customers feel overwhelmed or triggered by marketing materials. Operators can use this data to refine their communication strategies, ensuring that marketing is targeted appropriately and does not inadvertently encourage excessive gambling behaviour. 

4 - Enhance Customer Support 

Complaints data can highlight gaps in customer support services. If customers frequently complain about unhelpful or unresponsive support, operators can invest in better training for their support teams and improve response times to address customer concerns more effectively. 

5 - Innovate for Safer Experiences 

By analysing complaints and feedback, the sector can gain insights into innovative ways to enhance the gaming experience while minimising harm. This might involve developing new features or tools that promote responsible gambling, such as customisable limits or reminders about time spent gambling. 

6 - Collaborate with Regulators 

Operators can use complaints data to collaborate more effectively with the Gambling Commission. Sharing data on customer complaints and harm can demonstrate a commitment to transparency and proactive engagement in addressing industry challenges. 

7 - Monitor Progress and Compliance 

Feedback and complaints data serve as indicators of how well operators are progressing in their efforts to reduce harm. Regularly reviewing this data can help them assess the impact of changes they have implemented and make necessary adjustments. 

8 - Educate Customers 

Complaints and feedback data can inform the development of educational materials that raise awareness about responsible gambling practices, potential risks, and available support resources. 

9 - Prioritise Evidence-Based Decisions 

Operators can use complaints data to make evidence-based decisions about service modifications and updates. This approach helps them prioritise changes that directly address customer concerns toand improve their overall experience. 

10 - Build Public Trust 

By actively using complaints and feedback data to make positive changes, operators can build public trust and demonstrate their commitment to addressing the concerns raised in the government's white paper on gambling harm. 

In conclusion, complaints and feedback data provide a wealth of information that can guide the betting and gaming sector towards more responsible and customer-centric practices. By using this data to identify harm patterns, enhance responsible gambling measures, and improve various aspects of their services, operators can contribute to a safer and more enjoyable gambling environment while aligning with the government's efforts to mitigate gambling-related harm. 

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