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Corporate Sponsored Nominee CSN Digital Document Repository Updates

Corporate Sponsored Nominee ‘CSN’: Digital Document Repository Updates

Tuesday, 28 May 2024

With the aim of encouraging greater shareholder digital engagement and reducing paper,the digital document repository within Shareview (currently used for CSN and DRIP statements) has being expanded to incorporate Notice of Availability ‘NoA’ and Dividend Confirmation documents.

This will mean that any paper service communications currently being sent to CSN shareholders who hadn’t provided a contact preference will be served as a digital version available in the Shareview repository. So far, 50% of EQ’s CSN issuer clients have already signed up to the changes.

Key stages

  • CSN shareholders will be advised of the changes in the next available paper mailing (AGM mailing, annual paper statement mailing or standalone mailing) with CSN terms & conditions being updated to signpost the move to digital by default.
  • Any shareholders already opting for email communications through Shareview will continue to receive this option and will not need to take any further action.
  • Any shareholders who already opted for paper will continue to receive paper.
  • Shareholders can opt for paper by registering for Shareview and selecting post as their contact preference.

Key benefits

  • Reduction in paper and postage costs.
  • Enhanced digital experience and choice.
  • Increase in Shareview take-up and driving digital engagement.
  • Laying the foundation for expansion for other communications in future.
  • Aligns with EQ’s ESG goals.

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