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Introducing EQ Boost: Maximising The Value Of Your Dividends

Monday, 30 October 2023

In this article, we introduce EQ Boost, an innovative new product that revolutionises the dividend experience. 

EQ Boost. What is it?

A product that gives retail shareholders the opportunity to unlock additional value from their dividends. How does it work? By purchasing retail vouchers with an uplifted value, shareholders gain access to some of the most sought-after retail brands in the UK. Vouchers are provided by our trusted reward partner. Voucher options are presented through a user-friendly EQ Boost self-service portal. Designed by our product-focused experts, the portal ensures a seamless shareholder experience.  

Added Value At No Cost To You

In these challenging times of economic pressures, EQ continues to shine as a true innovator with this first-to-market product. It feels relevant to the needs of shareholders who may be looking to maximise their spending power and it certainly adds meaningful value to shareholders' dividends. The best part? This new service comes at absolutely no cost to you as the company. So why wait? Join the growing number of EQ clients using Boost and contact your Relationship Manager for a demonstration. 

Why EQ Boost?

  • With more payment options available to them, shareholder experience is enhanced.
  • It’s a new offering to boost both shareholder engagement and satisfaction.
  • It helps promote a fully digital shareholder journey.
  • Cost efficiency with reduction in stationery and postage costs when service used.
  • Adding value at zero cost to your organisation.

Easy Access, Easy To Use 

Shareholders sign up to EQ Boost by registering for Shareview Portfolio. Once registered they select “Paid to my EQ Boost account” as their cash dividend preference. Once completed, an EQ Boost portal account is assigned to them.  

Each time a company dividend is issued, the shareholder will receive a notification. The notification will let them know they can purchase uplifted vouchers and manage their EQ Boost account via the EQ Boost portal.  

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