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RDIR EQ’S Investor Relations Business

Optimising Shareholder Engagement: Integrating Shareholder Analysis And CRM Solutions For Investor Relations, Company Secretary And Treasury Teams

Tuesday, 28 May 2024

Focus on EQ RD:IR and IR InTouch

EQ RD:IR is a global investor relations provider offering comprehensive IR-related analysis, research, and advisory services. Specialising in share register analysis for over 750 issuers, EQ RD:IR identifies which investors sit behind nominee companies and unearths custody chains within the complex share ownership structure.

The share register analysis is intrinsically linked to both the RD:IR sanctioned holders screening services required by issuers under the UK sanctions regime and its powerful targeting module which allows clients to build and manage target investor lists and receive automatic alerts when a target investor purchases shares. 

One client, Tullow Oil plc, recently used the Targeting module to support their preparation work for their roadshows.


RD:IR’s Targeting module has proven to be a valuable asset in identifying new investors. Moving forward, it will be a key tool in our roadshows.” 

— Matthew Evans, Investor Relations Manager at Tullow
IR InTouch’s new Outlook Add-In have successfully saved time by reducing duplication of adding investor meetings into Outlook and IR InTouch

The rigorous share register analysis is published on RD:IR’s online platform, IR InTouch, in the designated Equity area. This allows clients to view their share register through different lenses; from largest to smallest investor, drilling down to fund/owner level, identifying the cost per share figures and viewing investors by geography, type, and style. Furthermore, it gives users the ability to understand which retail platforms are being used to trade shares, facilitating retail ownership reach-out programmes and mapping ownership to AIFMD reporting categorisations for our 250 closed end fund clients. The full-service investor relations CRM within IR InTouch is utilised by about 175 clients to create and report on investor events, manage roadshows, source feedback from investors, track meeting engagement, access professional investor contact information across equity/ debt/ governance/ sustainability/ corporate comms, manage bulk email correspondence, track email engagement and enhance retail investor communication.

Our clients who have adopted IR InTouch’s new Outlook Add-In have successfully saved time by reducing duplication of adding investor meetings into Outlook and IR InTouch, as the Outlook Add-In seamlessly adds this information into IR InTouch via Outlook.  

Both the website version of IR InTouch and our android and iOS mobile App are continuing to evolve, becoming more intuitive, flexible, and easy to navigate, and it’s only the start of our evolution. We’ll be releasing new features over the next few months and the platform will continue to grow its functionality. 

About RD:IR 

RD:IR sits within the EQ Advisory division of UK Shareholder Services. The experienced teams are led by Ian Smith, Director, Head of Investor Analytics, and Isabel Richardson, Director, Head of Investor Relations Services.  

Both Isabel and Ian have over 20 years’ experience within RD:IR and bring a depth of experience which is valued by the teams and the client base of 750 issuers. As contributing members of the EQ Advisory leadership team, they collaborate closely on their shared clients and implement software solutions that allow for campaign management through sharing shareholder data and producing streamlined client reporting.

Understand market perception of your stock and get unconflicted investor relations advice and strategies

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