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Streamlining The Resolution Of EQ’S Customer Complaints Using Industry Leading Inhouse MMX Software

Streamlining The Resolution Of EQ’s Customer Complaints Using Industry-leading In-house MMX Software

Thursday, 25 April 2024

EQ’s proprietary complaints resolution platform, MMX, is now being used in-house by Equiniti. This continuous first-hand experience of our software will provide both short and long-term benefits including first-class complaint resolution, optimal user experience, and ongoing product development.

EQ’s Customer Experience Centre (CEC) in Birmingham embodies Equiniti’s approach to caring for every customer. Colleagues are trained, ready for all enquiry types, and are sensitive to the diverse needs of customers.

Like all organisations we receive complaints, and, like all organisations, EQ has a duty to manage and process these in a suitable and timely way. In a step forward to maximise already strong operational effectiveness, we’ve now implemented our own MMX software.

At Equiniti we’re driven by efficiencies that can be gained by digitisation. And we encourage our clients and customers, where possible, to channel shift to ‘digital-first’ behaviours. As part of our strategy to keep ahead in the digital space, we’ve integrated MMX because its highly effectively, industry-leading, and it’s ours.

With over two decades of trusted service, MMX has been a cornerstone for numerous UK-based customer-facing organisations, aiding in regulatory compliance, operational enhancement, and fulfilment of customer commitments.

Most notably, a large multinational bank has embraced MMX on a global scale, extending its reach from Singapore to the USA, tailoring it to accommodate diverse linguistic, regulatory, and operational requirements.

At the beginning of January 2024, MMX went live at EQ’s Customer Experience Centre (CEC) in Birmingham. The transition has been resoundingly successful, as teams, clients and customers are already seeing significant benefits.

Over the first quarter of 2024, we’ve seen a reduction in resolution time by an average of one day and the successful resolution of c 2500 complaints.

About the move to MMX, Clare Harris, Head of the EQ Customer Experience Centre said:


Leveraging our own technology to manage and automate customer complaints resolutions not only streamlines internal processes but also fortifies our commitment to supporting clients and their end customers.

Claire continued:

“Through MMX's automation features, we have witnessed marked improvements in processing efficiencies, resulting in shortened resolution times and enriched customer experiences.

In using the software as part of our operations, EQ’s Customer Experience Centre colleagues are adapting well. This positive feedback underscores the transformative impact of MMX.”

With emails seamlessly integrated into case files, automatic issuance of regulatory correspondence, and simplified third-party registration, MMX exemplifies a step change in EQ’s complaints resolution, improving the experience for customers for years to come.

The EQ MMX team is equally pleased with the recent integration. Jonathan Britten, Consulting and Implementations Director from the EQ Customer Resolutions division reflected:


It’s great to see MMX now being used in EQ’s live environment, with the software now fully integrated as part of EQ’s CEC complaints resolutions operations.

The enthusiastic collaboration and adaptability displayed by EQ’s team, in embracing MMX, demonstrates the potential ease of progression, to optimal operational efficiency, for any organisation. It also demonstrates the gains that will ultimately lead to increased customer satisfaction.

And a final reflection from Claire:

“Working closely with the Customer Resolutions product team, we’re sharing our own user experience of MMX. Combined with external feedback, our insights will aid future product development, ultimately leading to further improved customer experience for all users.”

By all accounts, it’s a positive in-house EQ synergy, and we’ll look forward to sharing progress highlights soon.

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