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EQ Met Proxymity

When EQ Met Proxymity

Monday, 23 November 2020

We have partnered with Proxymity, an end-to-end proxy voting platform, to simplify and speed up the proxy-voting process.

Proxymity will be available to you cost-free from February 2021.

What is Proxymity?

Proxymity Proxy Voting (Proxymity PV) is an online investor communication platform that manages the direct transmission of meeting information and voting instructions between issuers with their institutional investors.

Proxymity is backed and invested in by some of the world’s largest custodians (Citi, JP Morgan, BNY Mellon, Deutsche Bank, HSBC) who are committed to using the platform. By the end of 2021, Proxymity will represent approximately 70% of global assets under custody.

Why have we teamed up with Proxymity?

We have teamed up with Proxymity to bring you digital solutions that will streamline your proxy-voting process. This platform will simplify the complex ownership chain, making the transmission of information quicker, more transparent and efficient for both you and your institutional investors.

Notice of Meeting data will be shared with investors without delay, whilst instructions from investors through Proxymity PV can take place right up to the market deadline.

The top four benefits of partnering with Proxymity  

There are lots of different ways that collaborating with Proxymity will benefit you. Here are just a few.

1. Control

You can use the Proxymity PV platform to maintain total control of the meeting agenda by delivering this directly to your investors.  

2. Transparent

See votes as they come in, providing you with the option to engage with institutional investors ahead of the meeting. Institutional investors will be provided with vote confirmation, providing reassurance that their votes have been successfully delivered.

3. Quick

Proxymity makes the voting process quick for both you and your investors. Institutional investors receive meeting information as soon as it is sent, and you receive votes as soon as they are submitted.

4. Compliant

SRDII requirements impose a need for electronic 'machine-readable' messages. This new technology solution ensures you are compliant with these requirements.