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Equiniti's Death Notification Service Reaches 500,000 Notifications

Equiniti's Death Notification Service Reaches 500,000 Notifications: A Milestone Of Compassion And Efficiency

Wednesday, 14 February 2024

Equiniti's Death Notification Service has hit a remarkable milestone, surpassing 500,000 notifications sent through the service.

This achievement not only highlights the service's efficiency and reliability but also underscores the compassion and sensitivity with which the DNS handles the delicate matter of death notifications. Here, Michael Kennelly, reflects on the difference that the DNS is making to businesses and end-users.

Michael Kennelly Michael Kennelly Business Development Director, EQ Benefactor

The DNS is the only service of its kind available to businesses across the UK and the only service all major UK banks are contracted with to receive notifications on their behalf. 

It’s also the only service which can fully validate a death without the need to upload or share the death certificate and doesn’t use the data to try to sell other services to the notifier. The guarantee that all notifications submitted will be accepted by our members is a crucial key to our success and continued growth.

Reaching this significant milestone of helping over half a million customers is a testament to Equiniti's commitment to supporting businesses in managing customer data with care and respect, especially during times of bereavement. We also acknowledge the significant part the businesses who have chosen to partner with us play in helping to make the service such a valuable solution for their customers and staff.


The 500,000 notifications milestone is not just a number; it represents 500,000 instances where the DNS has helped businesses show empathy and understanding towards bereaved families.

Users of the service often provide feedback to us around how the DNS has helped them to be more in control of the notification process.  Not just by being able to notify multiple businesses at once but also by being able to do it at a time they choose and without the need for having to submit documents as part of the process. 

This milestone also speaks to the trust that organisations of all sizes have placed in the DNS. As a leader in data management and notification solutions, Equiniti has earned a reputation for reliability, accuracy, and professionalism. By choosing Equiniti's Death Notification Service, businesses have demonstrated their commitment to maintaining compliance with data protection regulations, enhancing their brand reputation, and operating with integrity, as well as leading the way in customer experience.

Our members tell us that being a member of the DNS helps to deliver against the following key areas:-

Customer Care and Sensitivity; Compliance and Data Protection; Maintaining Brand Reputation; Operational Efficiency; Risk Mitigation


The DNS has demonstrated its dedication to helping businesses navigate the complexities of handling sensitive information while prioritizing customer relationships.

As we celebrate this achievement, let us acknowledge the significance of Equiniti's Death Notification Service in promoting a culture of compassion and respect in the business community, using the information and insight we gather to engage and influence our clients, charities and industry bodies. Moving forward, we will continue setting the standard for excellence in death notification services, further solidifying our position as a trusted partner for businesses seeking to navigate the sensitive issue of managing customer data after a death.

Looking to the future, we do so with a renewed sense of purpose, aiming to continue the crucial work with the same compassion and dedication that has defined the journey thus far. We have some exciting new developments coming to the DNS this year, developments which will deliver even more value to our members and make the process even more efficient to those needing to use it. 

Find out more about the Death Notification Service here.

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