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Driving Business Improvements For One Of The UK’s Leading Tour Operators

As one of the UK’s leading tour operators, our client uses EQ's customer complaints and feedback technology to deliver more than just customer service efficiency. They also use it as a vital feedback tool that’s helping them drive business improvements.

Responsible for over 3 million customer holidays a year, our client prides itself on responding to customer needs to provide an unrivalled holiday experience.

The Challenge

All post-departure customer complaints were being logged against the accommodation in our client’s reservation system. This meant the business had little idea of the nature of the complaint without reviewing each record.

Lacking any real reporting functionality, it was extremely difficult to get an accurate picture of root cause analysis, complaint volumes, resolution timescales, or productivity measurements.

The organisations needed to find an efficient way of capturing and managing customer complaints both at head office and at the overseas resort offices. After considering several options, Equiniti Charter was chosen to provide an effective group-wide complaints management solution. This decision was based on EQ's flexible functionality and development capabilities.

The Solution

Equiniti installed its award-winning complaints and feedback management software at the client’s head office. It was provided a central dedicated complaints management system across all customer touch points.

All complaints are now recorded and integrated with their customer management system. This includes all overseas gateways allowing representatives to log complaints at the resort.

The Benefits

With Equiniti’s technology, our client is able to accurately report against all complaints received into the business allowing them to identify problem areas and properties so that they are able to take action to rectify the issues.

It has also increased the efficiency of the customer services department by eliminating the need to file all hard copies of customer letters. These are now stored as digital images attached to individual case records.

With its diary management facility, the system has allowed them to manage workloads, set priorities and measure productivity levels.

With its intuitive workflow process, response times to customer complaints have been significantly improved from the standard 28 days – as required by ABTA – to 17 days which is substantially below the industry average.

Before Equiniti there was no real information available to the business to highlight problem units, what they were costing the business and what action was required to rectify issues. The business worked on assumptions and gut feeling rather than fact.

Equiniti’s technology reports specifically on the problem areas, detailing the relevant units and attributing the compensation payment made to the customer. This information is provided instantly and in real-time.

Significant noticeable benefits:-

• Turn-around time on letters improved.
• Work diaries are set up to prioritise oldest complaints first.
• Automatic work flow processes set workload.
• System generates automatic acknowledgement letters.

Discover how we can help your organisation improve customer outcomes and complaints handling.