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EQ Evolving The Death Notification Service
article Public Sector Technology

Evolving The Death Notification Service

12 October 2022

The Death Notification Service (DNS) is now firmly established as the industry leading solution for anyone wanting to make the process of death notification easier and less stressful.

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2021 IPO Review
article Public Sector Technology

Innovative Case Management In A Compliant World

01 October 2021

The development of case management systems over the past 15 years has presented public sector organisations with opportunities to digitise long-lived collaborative processes, centralising all aspects of a case through content, communication and resource, helping reach pre-defined objectives.

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ICS Newsletter Article 800X600
casestudy Public Sector Technology

EQ ICS Supports The Office For National Statistics (ONS) In Delivering Vital Information To UK Government During COVID-19 Pandemic

20 May 2021

EQ ICS have worked closely with ONS over the past year, helping keeping things running in the background at a time of national crisis.

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Thinking About AI Thumbnail
article Public Sector Technology

Thinking About AI, Voice UI And Predictive Analytics In Digital Government

17 May 2021

As consequence of the ‘digital-age’, technology helps us administer our lives with a degree of freedom and flexibility not previously enjoyed.

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EQ UX In Public Services
article Public Sector Technology

Looking To Social Media For A Blueprint In Developing Effective UX In Public Services

16 April 2021

In this article, we explore how digital governments can look to social media for UX blueprints.

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62774EQG EQ ICS Newsletter Article March 212
article Public Sector Technology

Developing An Inclusive User Experience (UX) In The World Of Digital Government

18 March 2021

Digital government services by their very nature serve a large, varied audience, with a broad range of user needs. Ensuring inclusivity by meeting the needs of every citizen can be a challenge. However adhering to UX (user experience) principles can help design a service fit for all.

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