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Consulting Services, Contract Review, Preparation Of Schedules Of Assets And Liabilities And Statement Of Financial Affairs 900X330

Case Study: Consulting Services, Contract Review, Preparation of Schedules of Assets and Liabilities and Statement of Financial Affairs

Sunday, October 1, 2023


Donlin Recano acted as claims, noticing, balloting and distribution agent for the client’s Chapter 11 bankruptcy.
• Donlin Recano successfully and efficiently prepared numerous demanding court preparation documents and contracts for review.
• Donlin Recano’s strategic approach resulted in significant time, money and effort savings for the debtor and the court.


A large media and fashion company with 156 separate entities filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, with each entity needing a separate preparation of a Schedule of Assets and Liabilities and Statement of Financial Affairs (Schedules and SOFA). The firm also needed contract review of more than 13,000 separate contracts, all within a court appointed schedule that was deemed unmanageable by the retained financial advisor to the debtor.


Donlin Recano assigned our practiced Schedule/SOFA team to perform the task of creating the 156 separate sets of court-required documents for each filing entity. Widely regarded as the best in the business, the team performed the laborious and meticulous task in under three weeks – less than half the time projected by the professional financial advisory firm.

To facilitate the contract review, Donlin Recano created a custom-built review system allowing secure access to each document from any physical location and a review page with bespoke data fields that linked to a database, allowing for an efficient extraction of necessary contract information in a manner that minimized potential mistakes. The process allowed for those working on this project to download the necessary forms in all required formats. Our assigned team was able to work from anywhere, at any hours, to manage this critical project and completed it before the scheduled time with commended results.


In taking on all extensive tasks and utilizing our expertise and technology, Donlin Recano allowed the debtor and retained professionals to meet the critical time frame of the assigned system requirements. Additionally, Donlin Recano’s significant work allowed others to allocate their own resources more effectively, which led to a positive outcome for the case.

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As an industry leader, Donlin, Recano, & Company, Inc. (“Donlin Recano”) provides a wide range of strategic and streamlined restructuring services solutions and technology. Our highly experienced team of attorneys, paralegals, and bankruptcy court clerks provide comprehensive case management, administration, and consulting services to support our clients through the complexities of corporate restructurings.

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