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Debt financing is a preferred growth strategy for many successful corporations and entities. Integral to any debt undertaking is a clearly delineated understanding of the terms of a deal, including issuer obligations and compliance responsibilities. With EQ as your trusted advisor, we ensure this level of understanding by taking the time to get to know you and your business. We provide debt trustee and agency services for issuers of corporate securities that support your deal including long, medium and short-term, convertible, senior and subordinated debt. Whatever your unique needs are, EQ meets you there with experience, a strategic approach and flawless execution enabled by our proprietary technology.

EQ seamlessly guides you through the whole process of a deal with our comprehensive suite of services. We’re dedicated to working directly alongside you to gain a complete understanding of your business and growth strategy so we can deliver the customized debt services your business requires to meet its goals.

Our Services

Indenture Covenant Compliance

As your debt trustee, EQ will collaborate with you to ensure that transactions are aligned with your company’s legal framework, and once executed, we serve as the link between you and your debt holders.

We offer comprehensive debt trustee services including maturity tracking, on-time payment schedules, full escrow funding, interest disbursements and compliance with all state and federal filing and regulatory mandates.

Finally, we ensure that your debt holders receive best-in-class support to establish your company as an attractive option for future investments.

Technology Base Solutions

EQ provides technology-based solutions that ensure accurate recordkeeping, issuance and cancellation of all ownership positions and meticulous documentation of all transactions. This alleviates the need for your company to dedicate internal resources to these administrative responsibilities.

We fully own our technology platform and the software that enables our debt services. In fact, we customized our systems to meet your specific needs of our clients and implement regular system upgrades to make sure we stay at the forefront of market capabilities. By partnering with us, you’ll benefit from customized solutions that are highly flexible, ensure data integrity and provide access to historical data.

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