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At EQ, we prioritize the experience of your employees by listening, supporting and using our deep knowledge of ownership to create compensation programs that make them feel valued and inspired to be with you for the long haul. We ensure that your company's needs are met and accomplished with expertise and a high-touch collaborative approach that makes it clear we know what people are worth.

No matter the type of plan your company has in place, EQ collaborates with you to customize a strategic administrative solution that guarantees flawless execution—from plan education to premium, professional service for all participants. 

Once we’ve selected the right product for your company, our expert team of tenured client relationship managers works directly with you to offer insight, proactively address your needs, and offer guidance to perfect your strategy to optimize and streamline your process. They’re your partner who knows your business, knows your people and are wholly invested in your success. Our industry-leading software and technology yield the highest level of data integrity, flexibility and administrative support.

Your people can expect the same dedicated support from EQ’s team of ownership experts. We won’t solicit your employees for extraneous services. Participants have full access to our call center and its team of professional agents. Executives benefit from high-touch service that ensures optimal handling of their awards and navigation of the regulatory and reporting hurdles in the industry.

With EQ administering your equity plans, you can be assured that nothing will be left to chance. This is a core capability – it’s what we do best. Our long-term incentive plans provide benefits and empower employees by establishing rewards for retention while demonstrating a commitment to their long-term success. Companies rely on EQ to flawlessly execute their restricted stock awards programs. We take an “all of the above” approach in servicing these products, overseeing the initial grant process (including online award acceptance), tax election, vesting and disposition stages. 

Companies partner with EQ for full administrative service of every type of stock plan, including:

  • Incentive and Non-Qualified Stock Options
  • Restricted Stock Awards and Units
  • Performance Awards and Units
  • Stock Appreciation Rights – Cash and Stock Settled
  • Cash Awards
  • Phantom Awards

By leveraging EQ’s expertise in equity plan solutions, companies implement and manage their long-term incentive plans more effectively.

Our services include:

  • Plan Sponsor/Administrator capabilities:
    • Online access to participant information
    • Administrative reporting
    • Tracking of $100K ISO limit
    • Form 1099b reporting
    • Form 3921 reporting
  • Participant/Employee capabilities:
    • Online access to accounts
    • View and accept grant agreements
    • Real-time trading (market or limit order)
    • Multi-currency disbursement
    • Restricted stock tax and share elections
    • 83b elections

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