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What We Do

Drive successful corporate actions with EQ’s depth of ownership expertise and nimble, strategic advisory when you need it most. Our comprehensive suite of services provides you with greater knowledge per share before, during and after your transaction.

Our Difference

At EQ, we understand what it takes to drive a successful corporate action and how to navigate even the most complex of transactions. Through our unique consultative approach, our team of experts provides critical ownership insights tailored to you and your business. We leverage these insights in concert with our industry-leading, proprietary technology platform with one clear goal in mind: developing and flawlessly executing a strategic approach to provide you with greater knowledge per share when you need it most.

At EQ, our seasoned professionals average more than 15 years of tenure and provide comprehensive advisory through your most complex transactions. When you partner with us, gain immediate access to our dedicated relationship management group with the experience to best serve you and your shareholders. We leverage our vast ownership expertise to support you when you need it most by ensuring your transaction is structured properly and settled smoothly.

Whether it's a merger, reorganization, or exchange, we know these events require intense planning, smart strategy and attention to detail. At EQ, when addressing investor inquiries, facilitating payment disbursements, managing share exchanges, or delivering post-event support, we design a customized strategy to yield successful outcomes that drive your company forward. Rely on our strategic guidance — before, during, and after your transaction to eliminate any unexpected issues.

Rely on the highest level of data security and the most efficient and dynamic approach to corporate actions processing with our in-house technology systems. Always have access to and control over your data with a proprietary technology platform and front-end web interfaces. By integrating technology into our operations, our team of dedicated experts can provide you premium levels of service and more personalized interactions with your shareholders.

EQ works directly alongside you every step of the way – from high-level advisory to daily support, we proactively address your needs and guide you through the entire process of a complex transaction to yield successful outcomes. We understand that no corporate action is the same which is why we take this consultative, tailored approach to develop flexible and innovative solutions.

At EQ, we provide you with detailed insight into your specific processes and priorities and use that information to deliver a unique, insight-driven strategic solution. As your trusted advisor, we leverage our unique expertise and ownership insight to help you unlock the knowledge you need to navigate even the most complex transaction–from M&As to stock splits to spin-offs and more.

EQ administers over 400 transactions annually, including both reorganizations and corporate actions. We are proud to help our clients successfully complete their deals, including:

  • Cash & Stock Merger | Medco Health Solutions - including assisting over 74,000 shareholders
  • Tender Offer | Progress Energy - including the handling of over 30,000 transactions

Who We Work With

Our specialized expertise helps companies – large and small – reach success


Realpage acquisiton of Buildium​


Bristol-Myers Squib acquisition of Celgene


General Electric Company spin-off to Wabtec


CVS acquisition of Aetna

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Our Experts

Ensure your transaction goes smoothly and shareholder engagement remains strong by choosing the right team for your high-profile event. From our corporate actions team, averaging more than 15 years of experience, to our well-versed Customer Care representatives responding to shareholder inquiries, your event is in safe hands across all functional teams.

Michael Legregin

SVP, Corporate Actions, IPO & New Business Onboarding

Mike and his team assist with many of the most complex, specialized situations through top-level service for our clients.

Michael Ashenfarb

VP, Corporate Actions, Relationship Management

Michael’s financial experience spans over 40 years and brings expert guidance in Corporate Actions Relationship Management.

Jennifer Obiedzinski

Relationship Director

Jennifer brings tenured expertise to the Corporate Actions’ Account Management and Reconciliation teams.

Yvonne Rivera

VP, Corporate Actions Operations

With her depth of keen knowledge in the financial industry, Yvonne manages the operational teams in Corporate Actions and Asset Reunification.

David Barker

VP, Team Lead

David is a well-versed corporate actions leader who manages the teams involved in our private M&A transactions, escrows and the re-org funding group.

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Connect with our team to learn about EQ's corporate action offerings and full range of services.

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