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Corporate mergers often result in unclaimed shares or cash, leaving your shareholders frustrated and confused about the process and what their holdings are. With our proprietary platforms, EQ Unify and LINK Shareholder Services, we proactively prevent the situation from escalating to this point by ensuring there is a strategic plan in place to address merger-related issues.

We take a hands-on, customized approach to your post-merger integration plan because we know the stakes are high for both shareholders and issuers. Our trusted advisors, with the support of our premium search capabilities and multiple secure databases, work directly alongside you to develop meaningful communications with shareholders and mitigate the risk of escheatment. This ultimately sends a positive signal to your shareholders that they are a valued part of your organization.


Between 10 and 20 percent of shareholders’ securities holdings remain “unexchanged” months after an acquisition.

There are many reasons for this, including:

  • Change of address
  • Non-receipt of shareholder correspondence
  • Confusion about the exchange process
  • Legal questions that need clarification

Whatever the reason, EQ works directly alongside companies to locate “unexchanged” shareholders and inform them of their options for successfully updating their accounts. To do this, we rely on our first-rate search capabilities, including access to multiple secure databases. Once an individual is located, we initiate contact and follow up with subsequent outreach until the individual takes the required action.

Our customized solution will help you achieve meaningful contact with shareholders in several ways which include:

  • Identifying and assisting as many as 80 percent of “unexchanged” shareholders in exchanging or selling their shares, thereby reducing shareholder services costs
  • Identifying and minimizing risk regarding compliance with escheatment and abandoned property statutes
  • Providing shareholders with options to easily and voluntarily claim their assets, including comprehensive, understandable information about available options

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