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When your company declares a dividend, it sends a strong signal about its solid performance and financial well-being. And when you provide shareholders with easy options for reinvestment, you can solidify their investment in your company and strengthen their sense of loyalty.

EQ works closely with companies to create direct stock purchase plans and dividend reinvestment strategies that meet their unique needs. Our team will assist throughout the planning and seamlessly manage the entire process. We help to ensure timely and accurate interactions with your shareholders, efficient transaction processing, compliance with all reporting requirements and, equally important, we continually assess your strategy to identify opportunities for improvement.

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Shareholders affirm their confidence in your company by applying their dividends, or optional cash contributions, toward the purchase of additional stock. They want the process to be easy to understand, easy to use, and easy to complete. This means using a user-friendly interface and eliminating unnecessary paperwork. Corporations expect the process to include highly professional interactions, accurate records management, and compliance with applicable regulatory and reporting mandates.

EQ exceeds these expectations and is the preferred dividend disbursement and dividend reinvestment plan (DRIP) provider for thousands of U.S. corporations. Integral to our success is our commitment to personalized service, innovative solutions and investment in technology.


A dedicated relationship manager will work directly with your colleagues and your business, to gain a complete understanding of your business and its nuances, essentially becoming a member of your team. Through this deep-seated involvement, your relationship manager will develop a holistic and customized dividend reinvestment plan based on the specific needs of your company, with particular attention to ensuring quality interactions with your shareholders.

Your company will benefit from multiple EQ capabilities that include:

  • Accommodation of discount pricing provisions and associated tax reporting
  • Preparation and disbursement of year-end tax documentation to shareholders
  • Electronic filing of payment records with appropriate government agencies
  • Timely, accurate and highly professional interactions with shareholders
  • Continual assessment of reinvestment strategy, including recommendations for improving efficiency and better serving shareholders through direct stock purchase plans
  • Special requests including:
  • Certificate issuance
  • Custody of related securities
  • Personalized attention to handle unique shareholder inquiries and issues
  • Full or partial dividend reinvestment options
  • Interested new investors who are not currently holders of the company stock may make their initial investment through the plan
  • Optional one-time debit or monthly automatic deductions from shareholder’s bank account


Integral to every EQ solution is our proprietary technology platform.  We understand the critical role of technology and have invested in a customized system to meet the needs of our industry, our corporate partners and their shareholders.

With regard to dividend disbursement and reinvestment services, our system ensures:

  • The highest levels of data integrity
  • Seamless transactions
  • Dividend payments via direct deposit
  • Streamlined enrollment process
  • Electronic filing of required documentation to applicable government and regulatory agencies
  • Meticulous record maintenance
  • On-time dissemination of all communication and enrollment materials
  • Customized materials for each shareholder


EQ will work with your company to ensure that dividend disbursement actions are thorough and precise by preparing required documentation and ensuring it is received by the shareholders, by electronically filing payment records and managing related back-end tasks. Throughout this process, your relationship manager will work closely with you to continually assess the effectiveness of your plan and to search for and recommend new opportunities to improve your business.

Though open, clear and informed communication with customers is vital to any business, we recognize that the standard is even higher when working with investors who entrust you with their futures. For this reason, we have put a number of systems and processes in place to ensure that communications with your shareholders are seamless throughout the dividend issuance process. Your shareholders will invariably have questions ranging from account-related concerns to highly-involved requests for detailed information.

Our service professionals are highly trained, courteous and able to address even the most complex shareholder inquiries and issues. By customizing communication and enrollment materials specifically for your business, we can directly inform and assure your shareholders. In order to help you move forward in your business goals, we work constantly to assess your plan’s effectiveness and to recommend opportunities to improve efficiency. 

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