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No one wins when a shareholder’s assets go unclaimed. Oftentimes they are not aware that they have lost shares, which leads to anger and frustration when their assets are turned over to the state as unclaimed property. Companies are legally responsible for performing due diligence to try to locate missing shareholders, which is time-consuming and costly. 

EQ serves as your invaluable partner in helping locate these shareholders and reunite them with their lost shares, creating a positive outcome for all. Our dedicated professionals work directly alongside you to create a customized strategy, inclusive of shareholder identification, to address your business’ specific needs. And, by proactively developing a strategy, we can be prepared to solve an issue should it arise.

Our Services

With EQ as your trusted advisor, you can expect fast results and meticulous recordkeeping. Our deep expertise and scope of resources have earned us recognition for being a leading lost shareholder service provider.

Our access to multiple databases and tremendous research capabilities greatly expedite the search process. Once an individual is located, our first-class mailing operation will generate timely, personalized correspondence. By carefully documenting our processes, we meet unclaimed property statutory requirements and provide a clear paper trail of all shareholder correspondence. Finally, our highly secure technology platform enables seamless transmission of this data to appropriate government agencies.

EQ's Asset Recovery Services offer value to your business in several key ways:

  • Highly cost-efficient, streamlined services
  • Assumed responsibility for all administrative and day-to-day operations – your company’s direct involvement is minimal
  • Improved shareholder registry and records management
  • Enhanced communication to shareholders, including customized correspondence
  • Facilitated transmission of data to applicable government agencies
  • Compliance with applicable regulatory recordkeeping requirements

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