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What We Do

For over 40 years, investment management clients have relied on our ability to provide them with the proactive advisory and customized solutions critical to meeting their specific needs. We determine your priorities and concerns and work with you to provide proactive and strategic cost-effective solutions that help you achieve cost efficient favorable outcomes by gaining insights that unlock the power of your ownership.

 In addition to the expertise, you receive from our tenured team, you will have access to our industry-leading technology. Our ProxyIQ® platform is our blockchain-enabled proxy campaign platform to give your proxy voting greater speed and transparency. Delivering clearly defined processes, certainty of execution, insight-rich data and unassailable results, ProxyIQ can support any size voting activity, even against the most challenging deadlines.


Discover how ProxyIQ, EQ's blockchain-based platform, revolutionizes proxy campaign management, tabulation, reporting, and predictive analytics. With enhanced control, flexibility, and security, ProxyIQ provides issuers with comprehensive insights and timely results. Harness the power of blockchain technology to optimize your proxy campaigns and engage shareholders effectively. Contact us today for a demo of ProxyIQ.

Our Difference

At EQ, our tenured professionals have successfully managed some of the most complex mutual fund proxy initiatives. Our superior tech-based solutions and experienced team’s personalized support drive favorable cost-efficient outcomes and insights leading to greater knowledge per campaign. Proxy solicitation initiatives can be complicated, and there is no one-size-fits-all approach, but with EQ as your trusted partner, you can be sure that we will lead you through the campaign to achieve the best results.

We provide you with an innovative, technology-based approach to achieving your unique shareholder needs. EQ’s ProxyIQ platform ensures greater transparency, cost-efficiency and speed for your proxy voting, giving you clear processes, insight-rich data, and greater knowledge per share.

• Capacity to handle unlimited shareholder contacts per day
• 100% virtual call center operation
• 70 million calls completed to date
• Handled over 48 million pieces of mail for clients
• More than 21 million votes recorded

Your organization is not a static, and your shareholders are not fixed either. As your trusted advisor, we provide you with data-driven insights and streamlined solutions for complex situations that help mitigate any challenges and deliver positive outcomes for your specific needs.

With over 40 years of experience, you can trust EQ to flawlessly manage your critical proxy campaigns. Our dedicated team of experts has handled over 1,000 proxy campaigns for our clients. They rely on EQ’s deep expertise and knowledge of your business for strategic analysis of proxy voting and investor behavior, shareholder activism, and regulatory developments that impact your business to proactively guide you toward success.


At EQ, we provide customized ownership insight in a truly consultative manner with partnership as the end goal and trust as the greatest measure of our success. Our clients rely on us to not only provide critical data, but the strategic insight and guidance needed for personalized solutions that drive favorable outcomes and greater knowledge per share.

Our Experts

Paul Torre

President, Governance, Proxy & Ownership Services

Paul leads the Mutual Fund Proxy Services team at EQ and provides expert experience-based insight and guidance gained through his 40 years of industry experience.

Thomas Nader

Executive Vice President

Tom utilizes his vast experience in the proxy solicitation business to support our clients as a trusted advisor in Mutual Fund Proxy Services.

Jeremy Read

Senior Vice President

Jeremy is an expert in understanding the priorities and concerns of mutual fund investors bringing his expert perspective to our clients.

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