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EQ helps your company look forward by providing credit market intelligence and analysis. We develop a complete understanding of your existing bondholders and monitor the relative strength of the market as your company considers issuing new debt or restructuring existing bonds. As your partner, we give you 360-degree visibility so you can unlock powerful ownership insights of the credit market and best assess your options moving forward.

Our capabilities include:

  • Global Bondholder Identification Analysis
  • Bondholder Targeting Analysis
  • Cross Ownership Analysis


With EQ’s credit market intelligence, you gain access to customized bondholder identification reports. Each report includes detailed information about the client’s outstanding bond(s), including:

  • Institution’s current equity holdings
  • Top holders, buyers, and sellers
  • Potential buyers and sellers
  • Key decision makers’ names and contact information
  • Key drivers of the equity income markets
  • Insight into investing strategies
  • Cross-ownership analysis showing each firm’s total dollar investment (combined equity and debt holdings) in their company

Your company will receive your personalized bondholder identification reports on a pre-determined schedule: quarterly, semi-annually, or as a one-time occurrence. With each report, we hone in on the ultimate beneficial owner (when applicable) for investment advisors, insurance companies, hedge funds and pension funds.

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