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Keeping up with tax regulation changes can be burdensome and, if not followed properly, may result in penalties from the IRS. Having an expert partner take care of the operational support associated with proper tax reporting will help keep your mind at ease and IRS penalties at bay.

Our Services

Tax Certification

Tax certifications are processed through industry-leading technology 

  • Digital solution reduces time and resources
  • Reliable and in-sync with current regulations
  • Streamlines and expedites the certification process

Tax Withholding

More than 90 years of experience keeping up with updating regulations and trends in tax withholding

  • Regulatory compliance at the forefront of our process
  • $260 million in tax withholding remitted to IRS annually
  • Experts in tax regulations with established ties to government agencies across the globe

Information Reporting

Consistently on-time and accurate year-end informational reporting

  • Tax reporting and remittance to the recipient and federal/state agencies
  • Reliable compliance with continuous shifting regulations
  • Provides peace of mind while reducing the risk of penalties

Cost Basis Recordkeeping

Maintaining shareholder records with accuracy

  • Timely capturing of cost basis at a tax lot level
  • Monitoring of events requiring adjustments to tax basis
  • Inclusion or exclusion of applicable fees, commissions and/or discounts incurred in the acquisition or sale of shares

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