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With EQ’s robust audit tax advisory, ensuring compliance with all tax requirements has never been simpler. Our team of experts handle the challenges you may face in ensuring compliance with tax requirements, including provisions of various Limitation on Benefit (LOB) treaties and SEC change of ownership requirements. EQ provides you a greater knowledge per share with tax audit studies to quickly identify beneficial owners and ensure compliance. Confirm compliance with ownership-related regulations by leveraging our comprehensive ownership intelligence data and seamless delivery on your tax compliance needs so your team can focus on other priorities.

Our Services


EQ’s tax audit advisory helps our clients ensure compliance by providing shareholder information that includes:

  • Identification of beneficial ownership for qualified residents as defined in various LOB treaties with countries including, but not limited to, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Luxembourg, and Ireland
  • Comprehensive ownership analysis as mandated by various tax treaties
  • Ownership change analysis as mandated by SEC Section 382
  • Identification of beneficial owners on two primary levels: who and where they are
  • Identification of beneficial owner relationships (parent companies and underlying holdings) and type of owner (trusts, charities, endowments, mutual funds, pensions, companies, etc.)

Most regulatory bodies require a significant level of detail in examining ownership restrictions. By ensuring our clients have the most comprehensive ownership intelligence data, we help them utilize information to confirm compliance with ownership-related regulations.

Per IRS Circular 230 Disclosure, we do not provide clients with tax advice.

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