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Now more than ever, you need a trusted advisor to help you navigate today’s challenges of executive pay. D.F. King provides you with the strategic insight critical to achieving success when placing executive compensation programs up for shareholder approval. Our experts proactively help you avoid potential confrontations and minimize disruptions to your company’s larger agenda. 

D.F. King provides you the highest level of advisory so that you’re always kept abreast of current best practices in both the structure and disclosure of executive pay. We guide you through various pay-for-performance models of proxy advisory firms to ensure you find a solution that best works for you. By working closely together and fully understanding you and your business, we’re able to devise strategic investor communication campaigns tailored to your company’s unique needs.

We leverage our deep expertise and experience to help you anticipate investors’ and proxy advisors’ reactions to your proposed executive compensation program and develop smart, creative solutions that best manage investor relationships.

Our comprehensive compensation advisory services include:

  • Consideration of annual burn rates, option overhang, and overall plan dilution
  • Strategic assessment of the impact that a negative vote recommendation may have on your unique institutional base
  • Insightful analysis of multiple plan scenarios
  • Review of applicable investor policies
  • Evaluation of proxy advisor payment guidelines, say-on-pay-model and quantitative performance model
  • Identification of potential “swing” institutional investors
  • Development of targeted investor communication campaigns
  • Assistance drafting the Compensation Discussion & Analysis (CD&A) portion of your annual proxy statement
  • Analysis of the CD&A to identify any red flags in compensation program or disclosure that may pose as a concern for institutional investors and proxy advisory firms

By providing our clients with regular updates regarding regulatory changes and industry developments, as well as critical strategies for improving disclosure, we proactively help our clients stay up-to-date on equity compensation plans. With a research team of experts dedicated to compensation advisory services, and high-profile client base that spans many industries, we are uniquely qualified to serve as your compensation advisor, providing you with insights on the best practices in executive compensation and custom investor communication campaign strategies.

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