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Proxy campaigns require a high level of sophistication and analytics, especially when identifying and motivating fund investors to exercise their votes to achieve favorable outcomes for your business. Our team’s vast experience in proxy solicitation has allowed us to successfully manage some of the most complex campaigns in the industry.

By leveraging our comprehensive suite of services, we provide the strategic guidance and proactive support you need to gain greater knowledge of your shareholder base and drive your desired proxy vote outcome in the most cost-efficient way. At EQ, we understand that every organization’s needs are uniquely different and require customized strategies to achieve the desired results. Your trusted advisor takes a hands-on approach to deliver unique, data-driven ownership insight and technology-based solutions tailored to your specific needs.


  • Advisory based consultative proxy management: We flawlessly provide overall management of each client’s proxy solicitation campaign. Our experienced executives will work with you on the design of the proxy material, the coordination and setup of the solicitation plan, process, and the implementation of the campaign to maximize voting responses.
  • Proxy voter analysis: We strategically generate a list of likely voters from our database with tens of millions of North American investor households that own mutual funds and have previously exercised their proxy votes through EQ.
  • Mail and tabulation services: Our offerings include custom proxy ballots, tailored householding, complete digital mail verification, and off-record data programming and processing for large projects.

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