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Having a trusted advisor with experience like D.F. King is imperative to help you strategically navigate and flawlessly execute a comprehensive response plan when faced with a potential proxy contest. Contested solicitations can take various forms and involve a wide range of issues. Stakes are particularly high, as the outcomes can dramatically redefine control of the company, its direction, and shareholder value. A proxy solicitation may be contested for any number of reasons, such as board election challenges, or opposition to mergers and other strategic initiations. D.F. King is your expert to successfully lead you through this process. 

When a proxy fight occurs, it is essential that you have a response plan in place. At D.F. King, we understand the implications a proxy contest can have on your company and work tirelessly to mitigate these challenges as we guide you through the entire process. To develop a plan of action tailored to your company, we leverage the results of our proprietary, data-driven vote projection models to craft an efficient strategy that effectively communicates your message to numerous shareholder constituencies. 

We take a hands-on approach in proxy solicitation to turn back any attempts to derail your company’s initiatives. We work in collaboration with your team members– including legal, financial, and PR advisors. We meticulously organize and manage the proxy campaign to turn back a dissident challenge to ensure a successful outcome for your company.  

Our Services

Shareholder Profile Analysis

Avoid surprise withhold or against votes on directors and recommendations on management proposals, including Say on Pay, by partnering with the expertise of D.F. King early in the process of a contested solicitation. 

We assist you by closely reviewing your shareholder base and identifying investor hot buttons that may cause poor voting results. We also assist with implementing proper strategic planning and comprehensive shareholder analytics to address potential issues and increase support levels.           

Shareholder Engagement Plan

We provide comprehensive analytics on shareholder proposal activity, average support levels, institutional voting and proxy advisory firm recommendations that are critical for developing a sound solicitation and shareholder engagement strategy.     

Vote Solicitation Tabulation

Be more adept with D.F. King’s strategic planning for a comprehensive shareholder engagement program to governance-focused institutional investors.

Vote Projections2

Avoid surprises with high-level institutional research and critical vote projection analysis. By identifying the voting patterns of various investors, D.F. King works with you to develop a course of action to achieve successful results.  With our key institutional contacts and relationships, we can help you understand all types of investors and will work with you on disclosure review and strategic message development to ensure participation and support levels are maximized. 

Analyze Meeting Agenda & Materials

For over 80 years, D.F. King has worked with companies as a proxy solicitor and corporate governance advisor, providing key analytics tailored to each situation.

We offer a comprehensive suite of services to help ensure the success of your annual meeting:

  • Shareholder Profile Analysis
  • Vote Projections / Dynamic Vote Models
  • CD&A / Equity Plan Evaluation
  • Investor Activism and Proxy Contests
  • Director-Withhold Campaigns
  • Merger Votes
  • Institutional Solicitation and Engagement Strategy
  • Retail Solicitation and Call Campaigns
  • Shareholder Proposal Defense

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