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Companies rely on EQ’s decades of experience and hands-on, customized approach to planning for an IPO. We are by your side every step of the way – pre, during and post-IPO – to seamlessly guide you through the process and ultimately help you gain a better understanding of your ownership.  

Before the IPO takes place, we provide comprehensive preparation and planning for the eventual issuance of public stock. After the IPO is complete, our tenured team of experts provides strategic insight on a range of topics including growth opportunities and compliance mandates. And, as your company’s dedicated transfer agent, we deliver meticulous execution and recording of all securities transactions while maintaining the highest levels of service to your shareholders. 

Our Services

IPO Services

Driving your company down the road leading to your IPO can be a demanding task. As your trusted Transfer Agent, EQ is dedicated to making the process as seamless as possible. While each action can bring challenges, we have streamlined the process and we’re here to guide you through each of the six steps we’ve detailed below:​

  • ​Appointment​
  • Custody agreements​
  • Shareholder data​
  • Paying agent​
  • Notice of offering​
  • Closing call​

EQ has established relationships with every major underwriter, which guarantees a seamless interface between all parties involved in the IPO. Our established processes allow us to easily transition shares held by existing shareholders – including pre-IPO splits, conversions and restrictions – into newly issued public stock.​

IPO Services2

Your dedicated IPO specialist will work with outside counsel in preparing documents needed for closing, and will provide both counsel and company officers with recommendations on various issues pertaining to that specific offering, as necessary. Before, during, and after your IPO, a dedicated relationship manager will help you work toward a seamless transition for existing shareholders, as well as a positive experience for new investors.​

EQ strives to deliver superior shareholder experience through extensive training for our internal teams. No matter the unique needs of your organization, EQ is equipped to serve as an extension of your company and create interactions that best represent your brand.​

IPO Services3

As you continue to build your business, your EQ Relationship Management Team will continue to help you move ahead at full speed as you transition from working with your IPO specialist to operating as a public company on our platform. EQ can assist your organization with:​

  • Ongoing transfer agency services. We ensure seamless preparation and delivery of all stock issuance, registry management and administrative services. We are also prepared to help your company through future corporate actions of all kinds.​
  • Ownership intelligence. As your shareholder base grows, accurate and complete ownership records and insights are critical to your organization’s success, both from a compliance and activism standpoint. Our Ownership Intelligence provides issuers with the most comprehensive intelligence on their equity and debt stakeholders, allowing them to capitalize on relationships with key investors.
  • Employee plan administration. An IPO is an ideal time to implement an equity plan solution, giving the people who helped grow your business a way to benefit from its success. It is also a good time to evaluate the administration of an existing plan to ensure it is optimized for future growth. EQ EPS offers comprehensive employee plan solutions, with a focus on executive services.​
  • Annual meeting and proxy solicitation services. From the planning phase to the day-of-meeting shareholder interactions, EQ is by your side to support a successful outcome. In addition to our strategic communications planning, we also offer a comprehensive suite of financial printing and distribution services.​
  • Corporate governance. As compliance mandates, securities regulations, and reporting requirements have become increasingly copious and burdensome, companies turn to EQ more and more for our expertise in regulatory compliance. EQ Compliance is available to assist in helping businesses understand their obligations. In addition, EQ offers thought leadership initiatives on relevant topics that keep companies informed about ever-changing regulatory mandates.​​

IPO Services4

At EQ, we help private companies carry out their plans for future growth. This includes helping you evaluate your options for growth, and plan for an IPO. If that plan leads to an offering, we play an essential role by ensuring comprehensive preparation and planning for the eventual issuance of public stock. As your trusted partner, we are with you at every step as you transition from a private to a public company.

After the IPO is complete, we use our deep understanding of your company to offer guidance and insight on a range of topics including growth opportunities and compliance mandates. We serve as your company’s trusted transfer agent and registrar, providing meticulous execution and recording of all securities transactions, and the highest levels of service to shareholders.

Our lifecycle partnership with companies also includes administration and management of critical functions including:

  • Annual meeting services
  • Corporate action services
  • Employee plan services
  • Fund administration
  • Proxy solicitation & corporate governance services
  • Ownership intelligence
  • Asset recovery services
  • Financial print & mail services

EQ can help you To, Through and Beyond the IPO

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