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D.F. King is your integral partner to lead you to and through a successful Dutch auction. Dutch auctions are specialized tender offers that can serve as a powerful tool in helping a company establish a fair market price for its share repurchase or stock buyback plans. Through our deep ownership expertise, we conduct an analysis of your shareholder profile and execute an overarching strategy that takes into account all market variables and effectively establishes a comprehensive communications plan with key stakeholders throughout the offer process.

Our Dutch Auction Information Agent Services provide you the critical insight and advisory counsel you need as your transaction progresses. With D.F. King as your trusted advisor, gain a greater knowledge per share with our team of tenured experts that work in close collaboration with your company during the offer period to provide intelligence, key investor feedback, the projected range of participation and outcomes, and proactively communicate the terms and conditions of the Dutch Auction tender every step of the way.


Our services include:

• Review of draft tender offer documents and terms
• Identification of the appropriate “spread” between the potential purchase prices
• Strategic analysis of the shareholder profile and trading activity
• Provision of a detailed list of top institutions and arbitrageurs for contact and follow up
• Advisement on the timing and content of any required communications and shareholder outreach, including whether any extraordinary communications are required
• Intelligence on acceptance, anticipated final participation rate and reasons for significant holdouts
• Analysis of participation results as they come in


As your Information Agent, we provide a consistent two-way flow of information throughout the transaction by proactively communicating the terms and conditions of the Dutch Auction tender offer. We provide real-time analysis in order to give clients the insight necessary to make informed decisions, reach out to particular holders and avoid any unforeseen consequences.

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