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EQ’s Regulation A+ Services are supported by our experienced team who guide you through any complexities of this capital-raising process and manage your stakeholder communications with care. This program is a great option for smaller, early-stage private companies that cannot attract the attention of huge institutional investors or afford the high costs of a traditional IPO. Companies going public under Reg A+ face fewer regulatory hurdles and expenses and may offer shares to the general public – not just to large investment banks and high-wealth individuals. Similar to a traditional IPO, Reg A+ requires a team of experts including an independent auditing firm, legal team, transfer agent and underwriter(s). That’s why our clients rely on our expertise and breadth of services to seamlessly guide them through their transition from a public to private company.

Our Services

Regulation A

EQ provides expert support to promote the offering and manage stakeholder communications. Our experienced team is available from the beginning to help you decide if a Reg A+ service is right for you and to help you hit the ground running.

Regulation A2

At EQ, we help private companies carry out their plans for future growth. This includes helping you evaluate your options for growth, and plan for an IPO. If that plan leads to an offering, we play an essential role by ensuring comprehensive preparation and planning for the eventual issuance of public stock. As your trusted partner, we are with you at every step as you transition from a private to a public company.

After the IPO is complete, we use our deep understanding of your company to offer guidance and insight on a range of topics including growth opportunities and compliance mandates. We serve as your company’s trusted transfer agent and registrar, providing meticulous execution and recording of all securities transactions, and the highest levels of service to shareholders.

Our lifecycle partnership with companies also includes administration and management of critical functions including:

  • Annual meeting services
  • Corporate action services
  • Employee plan services
  • Fund administration
  • Proxy solicitation & corporate governance services
  • Ownership intelligence
  • Asset recovery services
  • Financial print & mail services

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