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What We Do

As your trusted partner for equity compensation solutions, EQ understands the importance of investing in your greatest asset – your employees. Together, our team of tenured experts will customize a plan best suited to your company’s specific needs and deliver it with flawless execution. 

We Invest In People

At EQ we understand the importance of your employees and their value to your organization. With our comprehensive equity compensation solutions, we help you invest in your employees' success. From stock options to employee stock purchase plans, administrative services to executive support, our industry-leading software platform simplifies the process. With EQ your employees feel valued, and your organization achieves success.

Bring Your Employee Plan Program to Life Through EquiTrax™

Powered by sharp reporting tools, actionable insights and an expert support team, our integrated compensation solution gives you the information you need to make impactful business decisions. Get started and explore our many enhancements and benefits.

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Our Difference

Our experienced team brings unmatched expertise with an average of 20 years in the industry. We ensure a smooth migration process for you and your employees, with dedicated specialists and a highly experienced team.

When you work with us, we ensure that we aren’t just meeting your basic needs; we’re in touch with the desires and concerns that motivate your employees. And we’re not a wealth manager, so we won’t solicit your employees for extraneous services.

We pride ourselves on delivering a smooth experience while handling all of your equity plan needs to simplify the process for you and your employees.

Full-service administration of your plan is integrated with your relationship management team so you’ll be able to work with dedicated experts that understand your people and unique needs.


Our industry-leading software platform was designed from the ground up to eliminate complexities and streamline the day-to-day execution of transactions. Interactive dashboards and real-time reporting tools bring a new level of strategic insight to financial reporting.


Your organization is not static, and your needs are not fixed. That’s why we provide flexible thinking, proactive service and personalized solutions to help you reach your organizational goals.


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Our Experts

Jim Wulforst

Executive Vice President, Equity Plan Solutions

With over 20 years of leadership experience in the equity plans industry, Jim leads the EPS business in growing market share, creating strategic partnerships and increasing customer satisfaction.

Jeff Cohen

Executive Vice President, Equity Plan Solutions

Jeff is a trusted leader and serves as Head of Partner Channels for the EPS business. He is responsible for implementing strategic initiatives that drive the growth of the business.

Maria Acevedo

Director, Product Management

With over 20 years of experience in the equity plans industry, Maria is integral to key technology and business development initiatives.

Barbara Han

Director, Relationship Management

Barbara and her team build trusted partnerships and drive client satisfaction and references for the EPS business.

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Connect with our team to learn about EQ’s equity plan offerings and full range of services.

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