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What We Do

D.F. King has led the industry for more than 80 years in strategic advisory and proxy solicitation executed through our highly experienced staff, tailored strategic solutions, and robust data-driven analytical capabilities all geared towards the same goal: providing you the greatest knowledge per share to best manage events and achieve favorable outcomes.

D.F. King’s Rankings Speak for Themselves

1 st

#1 Information Agent in Liability Management for both U.S. and Global Markets*

1 st

#1 Company Side Proxy Solicitor by Aggregate Market Cap**

1 st

#1 Activist Side Advisor for the Industrials and Utilities Sectors

*Prospect News 2023 Liability Management Rankings
**Bloomberg’s 2022 Global Activism Market Review

A Leader in Strategic Advisory and Proxy Solicitation

D.F. King has been a leader in strategic advisory and proxy solicitation for over 80 years.  Our experienced team, delivery of customized strategic approaches and powerful data-driven analytical tools all aim to provide your clients with valuable insights for better managed events and favorable outcomes.

Our Difference

Through our deep ownership expertise, data-driven analytical capabilities, and collaborative approach to advisory, D.F. King has distinguished itself as the trusted industry leader providing strategic knowledge and proactive solutions to address your corporate governance needs. Our team of experts works directly alongside you to offer ongoing guidance and support to ensure you succeed in today’s ever-changing business and regulatory risk landscape.

Some say that knowledge is power. And EQ’s expertise is ownership knowledge. With extensive comprehension of current federal regulations, shareholder trends, and corporate governance best practices, D. F. King diligently drafts custom reports on changes to keep you apprised of any potential impact on your company.

With our deep industry experience, we provide year-round advisory services and keen analytical capabilities. D.F. King is your trusted advisor for personalized ownership insight that can help you unlock the knowledge you need to navigate your business in concert with your shareholders. We’re by your side to lead you through the entire process, from initial research, planning, and timing, to flawlessly executing the strategy.

With over 80 years of experience as an industry-leader and tenured team members with an average of 20 years of experience, D. F. King provides you invaluable strategic counsel to successfully tackle external challenges. We leverage our experience servicing high-profile clients spanning many industries to work closely alongside you and tailor creatively flexible solutions to meet your specific needs.

Looking For A Proxy Solicitor With Proxy Fight Experience?

Partner with a market-tested proxy solicitor with proxy fight experience. Having proper analytics on shareholder proposal activity, average support levels, institutional voting and proxy advisory firm recommendations is critical for developing a sound solicitation and shareholder engagement strategy. D.F. King has worked with companies as a proxy solicitor and corporate governance advisor, providing comprehensive analytics tailored to the situation. 

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