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A successful abandoned property program requires substantial time and resources. Our dedicated team and proprietary platforms expertly manage this process so that you don’t have to allocate precious resources. Every company’s needs are different, which is why we work directly with you to provide tailor-made solutions that meet your specific requirements. To ensure an effective asset recovery, we service your shareholders with the highest level of professionalism and care and confirm compliance with escheatment and abandoned property statutory requirements.

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Escheatment is the process of transferring lost assets to state treasuries.  This can be made complicated because each state has its own rules for when property is officially considered “lost.” Companies are legally required to file annual abandoned property reports with each state and to turn over unclaimed property – including stocks, dividends and other types of securities.

Through our Abandoned Property Services, we carefully monitor each state’s escheatment mandates and stay up to date on changes to filing requirements and deadlines. Our capabilities and platforms ensure that your company is compliant. This includes fulfillment of due diligence requirements to attempt to locate inactive shareholders and, should escheatment become necessary, complete listing of all property to be turned over to the state.

At EQ, we believe the easiest way to comply with escheatment requirements is to prevent property from becoming abandoned. We work hard to proactively identify, locate, and reunite your shareholders with their assets. As your trusted advisor, we offer high levels of customized support both to your company and to your “lost” shareholders throughout the location process.


A team of professionals will work directly with your company to develop a shareholder location strategy for identifying and engaging all eligible shareholders. We use our extensive resources to provide an analysis of shareholders, and from there, develop a customized notice and communication schedule for re-engaging these individuals.

We carefully track shareholder responses and provide clear instructions to follow in claiming their property and updating their accounts. When a letter is returned as undeliverable, we exceed due diligence requirements in attempting to find updated address information. We initiate searches through multiple national databases and send subsequent mailings to possible matches. Essentially, our abandoned property management leaves no stone unturned in attempting to locate shareholders and reunite them with their property.


Shareholders become “lost” for a variety of reasons, which include address changes, changes in share ownership through an estate transfer or uncashed small dividend checks. Many times, a shareholder is not even aware that his or her account has become inactive.

We work diligently to locate shareholders and to re-engage them through a simple, straightforward process. Every communication includes specific information about how shareholders can update their accounts and claim the property that is legally theirs. We also maintain a call center, staffed by highly trained professionals who provide abandoned property services consulting and can respond to your shareholders’ inquiries.

Our goal is to locate every one of our customers’ “lost” shareholders, help them reclaim their assets, return them to good standing and maintain complete records for all outreach attempts.

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