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What We Do

As an industry-leading information agent, D.F. King seamlessly guides you through complex transactions and shareholder communication challenges. Our experts work directly alongside you every step of the way to maximize results through our strategic approach and keen analytical abilities.

Our Difference

D.F. King’s seasoned team of professionals average over 20 years of industry experience and possess a deep expertise of all things ownership – from understanding M&A transactions to possessing extensive key institutional relationships with decision makers such as arbitragers, hedge funds and other event-driven investors. Our highly-analytical approach provides our clients with board-quality reports and analyses. By conducting a full analysis of each client’s ownership, we craft swift, effective communication strategies to help them chart a path to success.

Our experts identify holders of stock and debt and then closely monitor changes throughout the term of the offer. By undergoing a full analysis of your shareholder base and transactions, we proactively develop swift, effective communications strategies that position you to achieve your goals.

Using a robust database and our uniquely analytical capabilities, our team of advisors derive unique insights to formulate an informed response and communication strategy for you, designed to mitigate and resolve issues. And we’re able to pull from long-standing institutional relationships with key decision makers to provide you crucial market intelligence.

Backed by decades of experience, D.F. King is your go-to trusted advisor for personalized ownership insight that can help you unlock the knowledge you need to navigate your business in concert with your shareholders. We’re by your side to lead you through the entire process, from advising on the structure and terms of the transaction, to flawlessly implementing a strategy to efficiently achieve your goals.


By working together, we develop a highly strategic approach customized to you and your shareholders’ needs that maximizes results during any communications challenges– such as tender and exchange offers, dutch auctions, and rights offerings. After a strategy is in place, our strong institutional relationships - supported by our mailing and call center capabilities - help you effectively communicate with all key stakeholders.


Rely on the highest levels of data security and the most efficient approach to managing your solicitation with D.F. King’s technology-backed solutions. Our proprietary technology platform enables us to seamlessly deliver you best-in-class strategic advice and solutions. And, by integrating state-of-the-art technology into our operations, our dedicated team of experts have more time to focus on delivering you personalized, industry-leading service that ensures your success.


With over 80 years as an industry-leader and tenured team members with an average of 20 years of experience, D. F. King provides you invaluable strategic counsel to successfully tackle external challenges. Our deep understanding of M&A transactions, as well as extensive institutional relationships with key decision-makers such as arbitrageurs, hedge funds and other event-driven investors, contribute to your success.


Our Experts

Tom Germinario

Senior Managing Director

With over 30 years of proxy solicitation, corporate actions and shareholder engagement experience, Tom leads D.F. King’s corporate proxy division and provides critical advice and analysis to public companies.

Richard H. Grubaugh

Senior Managing Director

Rick leverages a highly analytical approach to advise corporations and shareholders involved in complex shareholder transactions.

Kristian Klein

Senior Managing Director

With over 18 years of industry experience, Kristian is an experienced partner and provides invaluable counsel for an extensive list of D.F. King clients.

Michael Madalon

Senior Vice President

Mike is a trusted advisor providing solicitation and corporate governance advisory services to a broad range of clients, focusing on shareholder analysis, vote models and investor outreach programs.

Peter Tomaszewski

Senior Vice President

For nearly a decade, Peter has been providing high-profile advice in complex situations for corporate proxy clients at D.F. King.

Mei Zheng

Senior Vice President

For over 15 years, Mei has been a strategic and experienced partner for corporate proxy clients at D.F. King.

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