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As an established exchange agency, we play a vital role in advancing your strategic growth plan. We take a uniquely collaborative approach by working directly alongside you to develop and execute a customized strategy that effectively communicates with your shareholders. 

We’re ownership experts with experience as an exchange agent for hundreds of acquisitions. Our team of seasoned professionals is dedicated to serving you with the highest levels of customer service and trusted, insight-driven guidance. Whether overseeing the surrender of company shares from acquired companies or managing issuance of shares from the acquirer, we ensure smooth, highly efficient exchanges while managing all communications. 

Our proprietary technology platform enables us to support you with flexible, secure and efficient processing. Gain a greater knowledge per share with our platform’s unique barcoding and scanning capabilities that assist in the tracking and processing of shareholder exchanges to expedite your transaction.


As your trusted advisor, EQ’s Exchange Agent Services extend beyond the scope of traditional expectations. We provide strategic insight and take a consultative approach to service your company on an integrated platform by offering expertise in:

  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Recapitalizations
  • Reverse Splits
  • Cash Elections
  • Redomestications

In addition to guaranteeing the highest levels of customer service and guidance, our proprietary technology platform offers unique individual barcoding and scanning capabilities, which assists in the tracking and processing of shareholder exchanges to expedite the transaction. Powered by this technology, we are able to accurately compute the number of shares to be issued as well as any cash dividends that have accumulated on the unexchanged shares years after the initial exchange. Plus, because we own 100% of the systems and software used to provide these services, we can support you with flexible, fast and efficient processing.

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