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At D.F. King, we understand the challenge today’s ever-changing landscape of corporate governance and increased scrutiny poses to you, your management team, and your corporate board. We help you successfully navigate these challenges through our Governance Advisory Services. As your trusted partner, we provide you with our best-in-class strategic counsel and expert guidance. Together, we’ll lead you through today’s challenges and inspire confidence from your investors. 

We deliver regular, customized updates regarding the industry and regulatory environment so we can alert you to any changes that may impact you or your business and devise an approach following the current best practices in governance. By identifying potential risk factors earlier in the process, we proactively mitigate their potential impact, and help you find opportunities in these changes. 

For over 80 years, clients have continued to turn to us for our Governance Advisory Services such as year-round corporate governance, targeted investor communications strategy, and vote projections. Our tenured and specialized team of experts consistently and reliably provide keen analytical capabilities, proactively strategic approach, and personalized support to face these challenges and mitigate their potential impact.

Our Services

Corporate Governance Consulting Proactive Solutions

D.F. King helps clients understand their vulnerabilities and develop insight-based strategies to manage an issue should it come to light. Our experts work closely alongside you to offer advice in critical areas, including:

  • Assessing current governance practices
  • Analysis of management and shareholder proposals
  • Development of shareholder engagement strategies
  • Providing regular updates to internal teams on corporate governance best practices and emerging trends

Additionally, we diligently report on the overall influence of major proxy advisors on each client’s shareholder base and create subsequent vote projections. Our Advisory Services includes aiding clients in their drafting process for proxy filings by identifying any red flags that may trigger negative recommendations pursuant to proxy advisory firm and institutional investor voting policy guidelines.

Rely on D.F. King Governance Advisory Services to help your board stay focused on the pertinent issues facing your business. We ensure that governance practices are properly aligned, provide clear and regular communication with shareholders, and proactively manage potential issues.

Targeted Investor Communications Campaigns2

It’s vital that a corporation understands the priorities of each relevant shareholder constituency. D.F. King provides valuable insight and strategic guidance about the nuances of each shareholder group, including the appropriate messaging and channel through which to communicate with each group. By working closely alongside your team, our targeted investor communications campaigns are customized to your unique situation and aim to increase voter participation among each group of participants.

Vote Projections

Companies rely on us for our expertise in offering detailed vote projections. Among our capabilities:

  •  We closely evaluate each shareholder block and create data-driven vote projections
  • Using this insight, we work directly alongside you to make slight adjustments to your proposal in order to ensure you a positive voting outcome
  • We help companies better understand the true objectives behind shareholder-sponsored proposals
  • We closely track campaign results, and make rapid, real-time adjustments to reach the desired outcome
  • We create detailed voting reports to identify areas for future improvement

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