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Our seasoned experts at D.F. King will strategically and proactively guide you through a tender offer. We understand that tender offers can be a challenge. Sometimes, even market rumors of a tender offer can have a significant impact on a company’s shareholder profile and investor reactions. In these situations, certain long-term institutional and retail investors may reduce their holdings in a company that is the subject of a tender offer, while hedge funds, arbitrageurs, and other event-driven investors establish significant positions. We’re primed to help.

As your trusted partner, D.F. King takes immediate action to analyze the specifics of the tender offer and critical factors affecting the likely outcome so we can consult with you to make a strategic recommendation. We provide you counsel on a comprehensive communications and mobilization strategy that effectively advances your platform. By providing real-time analysis of the investor response to the offer and trading activity, and feedback from various shareholder constituencies, you will always have the insight necessary to make informed decisions, proactively reach out to key stakeholders, and avoid any unforeseen consequences.

Regardless of your role in the tender offer– whether the target or the bidder– you can rely on D.F. King’s team of seasoned experts to develop and flawlessly execute a customized strategy that guarantees you’re well informed and ready to make successful decisions.


For tender offers, our Information Agent Services team implements a comprehensive, customized analysis that includes:

• Providing you a greater knowledge per share by breaking down your shareholder base into its components (5% holders, insiders, remaining institutions, arbitrageurs/event-driven, and remaining retail investors)
• Providing a detailed list of the top institutions and arbitrageurs for contact and follow up
• Strategically advising on the timing and content of any required communications and shareholder outreach, including whether any extraordinary communications are required
• Projecting tender results
• Remaining in constant contact with shareholders, custodians, the depositary/exchange agent, and our client and their advisors
• Providing constant strategic analysis, communicating participation results in real time, and offering expectations of estimated results through the expiration date

D.F. King’s seasoned strategic advisory team, in its role as information agent for tender offers, pull from years of experience to deliver robust communications strategies and board quality reports and analysis to clients. Led by a team of experienced, senior executives with extensive investment banking, legal, public relations and corporate governance backgrounds, we leverage analytics and institutional relationships with decision-makers - including arbitrageurs, hedge funds, and other event-driven investors - to drive winning strategies for our clients.

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