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As ownership specialists, we recognize that employee stock purchase plans are one of the most powerful tools to incentivize employees and make them feel invested in your company’s performance. Your company must determine which approach to equity compensation best aligns with its goals, and EQ offers insight and guidance that is personalized to the needs of both your company and your people.

For over 40 years, EQ has helped clients develop and strategize the best plans to meet their needs with dedication, skill and compassion. We’re able to effectively communicate with employee shareholders as often as needed to ensure they are deriving the maximum value from their stock purchase plan.

An employee stock plan provides your people with a convenient way to purchase your company’s stock through payroll deductions. We partner with you to oversee and expertly execute the administration of both tax-qualified 423 plans and non-qualified plans, as well as non-US plans such as SAYE schemes. Our partnership is more than that of a tactical administration or operations company. We provide customized insight and a consultative approach to guarantee that you and your people have the flexible and tailor-made solution required for success to strengthen workforce loyalty.

Powered by best-in-class technology, every EQ-administered plan is based on innovation and efficiency that puts more time back in your control. We maintain a proprietary technology platform—designed with you and your people’s unique objectives in mind—that can be adapted to meet your specific needs.

Our comprehensive suite of capabilities include:

  • Plan Sponsor/Administrator capabilities:
    • Tracking of IRS $25,000 share valuation limits
    • Tracking of plan-dictated share/purchase limitations
    • Tracking of disqualifying dispositions for 423(b) plans
    • 6039 reporting
  • Participant/Employee capabilities:
    • Online access to accounts
    • Online enrollment
    • Real-time trading (market or limit order)
    • Dividend election

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