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Rights offerings are a valuable way for closed-end funds to raise additional capital and to allow shareholders to increase their investment in a fund. At EQ, we understand the importance of clear, streamlined communications with shareholders throughout this process. That’s why our trusted team of tenured information agents provides you a seamless experience—through all stages of the offering, from pre-launch planning to coordination, and execution. Our strategic advisory and flawless execution drive successful results of your offering.

As your information agent, EQ provides a comprehensive range of services including:

  • Strategic counsel to clients and their advisors regarding pre-launch planning for a successful rights offering.
  • Development of a timeline and communications plan that details a logistics required for a successful offering.
  • Coordination of the ordering and receipt of the Depository Trust Company participant list(s) and non-objecting beneficial owner (NOBO) list(s) – if required.
  • Contacting the reorganization departments at all banks and brokerage firms to determine the number of shareholders and quantity of materials needed.
  • Coordination of document printing and mailing to all eligible shareholders.
  • Distribution of materials to banks and brokers and follow up to ensure the correct processing of these materials by each firm.
  • Distribution of documents directly to the decision maker at each major institutional holder, if any, to avoid the delay associated with the materials being filtered through the shareholders’ custodian bank or brokerage firm.
  • Assignment of a toll-free phone number to answer questions, provide assistance to income inquiries from shareholders, brokers and advisors, and fulfill requests for offer materials.
  • Execution of an outbound phone campaign, if requested, to the targeted universe to confirm receipt and understanding of the offer materials.
  • Maintain contact with the bank and broker reorganization departments for ongoing monitoring of responses to the offer.
  • Provide ongoing reporting and feedback to the client.

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