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What We Do

EQ is your trusted advisor, with over 95 years of combined experience. We provide strategic direction for corporate growth and shareholder engagement and expert guidance to navigate corporate events. Our dedicated team processes, guides, and seamlessly executes critical stock transfer agent services.

A Leader In Client Satisfaction and Performance, EQ’s Transfer Agent Stats Speak for Themselves


Transfer Agent in Client Satisfaction*

167+ Billion

in U.S. Dividends Paid Annually**

1.1 Million

Transactions Processed for Shareholders Each Year **

* Group Five 2023 Shareholder Services Benchmarking Study

** Based on EQ U.S. Proprietary Data

The EQ Advantage

Choosing a Transfer Agent that is right for your business is a big decision. For more information on how EQ's Transfer Agent expertise supports you through the entire shareholder experience, view our comprehensive Transfer Agent Services presentation.

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Discover why EQ is the Right Transfer Agent for You.

For over 95 years, EQ has been a trusted advisor to companies large and small with our Transfer Agency services. We deliver expert guidance with a collaborative, consultative and high-touch approach that drives your business and our reputation as the #1 transfer agent in client satisfaction.

Our Difference

At EQ, we build relationships that help us truly understand your business and develop customized stock transfer solutions based on your unique needs. With complete public and private transfer and registry services, we deliver unique insights, technology-based solutions, and informed, strategic recommendations that yield an extraordinary shareholder experience. Our dedicated relationship managers are backed by a team of tenured professionals to provide personalized, thorough support to ensure a collaborative partnership you can rely on at any stage across the full lifecycle of your company.

Leveraging our deep experience, we provide you with information to address all of your needs to support you through the entire shareholder experience. From high-level advisory to daily support, we address your needs and lead you through the process at every step of the way.

EQ provides year-round comprehensive advisory for your business through our dedicated team that includes a project manager, relationship manager, and onboarding expert focused on implementing strategies to support your company along its path to success.

We are your trusted advisor to keep you on track—leveraging our deep industry experience, EQ provides the strategic guidance and relevant information you need before, during, and after your transaction, eliminating unexpected issues so you can focus on moving your company forward.

Technology drives every EQ solution, so you can rely on the highest levels of data security and the most efficient approach to managing your business. With a proprietary platform and front-end web interfaces, you always have control over your data to ensure a seamless experience. Our high-touch, collaborative approach integrates technology into our operations to enable more personalized interactions with shareholders.

With one point of contact, there’s no need to transfer records or find and manage multiple vendors. Through streamlined transactions, reporting, and record-keeping services, you make one call – we make it happen.

EQ is your proactive, solution-focused partner supporting the entire shareholder experience. From leading transfer agent and registrar service to IPO and everything in between, EQ is your trusted advisor for all your needs across the lifecycle of your company.

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Connect with our team to learn more about EQ’s transfer agent offering and full range of services.


Our Experts

Margot Jordan

Chief Operations Officer, Transfer Agency Services

With over 20 years of experience in relationship management, product development, call centers, operations, and finance, Margot leads Transfer Agency Operations at EQ.

Adam Burke

Executive Vice President, Head of Relationship Management

Adam and his team provide exceptional service to our world-class clients through collaborative, high-touch service.

Melissa McCarthy

Director, Asset Reunification & Escheatment

With a demonstrated history of leadership in the financial services industry, Melissa and her team help clients simplify the process of escheatment and abandoned property requirements.

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Connect with our team to learn about EQ’s transfer agent offering and full range of services.