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What We Do

We leverage our expertise, comprehensive case management and consulting services so you can rely on us as your trusted and strategic advisor for all aspects of the restructuring process. 

Our Difference

Donlin Recano’s Corporate Restructuring Services guarantee the highest standards of quality, responsiveness, and personalized service at a cost-effective price. Enabled by our proprietary technology and advanced tools, our team of experts support you through the entire restructuring process by providing strategic guidance and seamless management of administrative tasks. We take a uniquely collaborative approach to customize a solution that meets your specific needs to help you successfully navigate complex situations.

At Donlin Recano, technology drives every solution, providing the highest levels of data security and the most efficient approach to managing complex situations. Our proprietary technology, including bespoke solutions built in real time, ensures you always have access to, and control over, your data. By seamlessly integrating technology into operations, our dedicated experts are able to focus more on providing you personalized levels of service.

We know that corporate restructuring can feel overwhelming. That’s why we work directly alongside you to customize a strategic solution that meets your specific needs. Every part of the plan we develop together and, as your partner, we streamline all aspects of managing your complex transaction to reduce the administrative burdens for your team.

Our team of professionals is comprised of attorneys, paralegals, and technology experts who collaborate with one goal in mind—to deliver comprehensive solutions and provide personalized support necessary to effectively handle complex situations. In partnering with us, each client has a dedicated point of contact who understands the nuances and related challenges to restructuring events.

As your efficient and cost-effective partner, our goal is to make your job easier. We provide innovative systems that include customizable features to support your specific event. Our comprehensive call center and crisis communications support helps you seamlessly manage employees, vendors, creditors and customers.

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