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What We Do

As corporate governance best practices and regulatory environments evolve, we proactively provide you with the critical information necessary to stay informed and mitigate any potential issues. At D.F. King, we leverage our unique depth and diversity of experience to deliver you high-level advisory, custom reports, and shareholder outreach and education strategies specific to your needs.

Our Difference

Through our deep ownership expertise, data-driven analytical capabilities, and collaborative approach to advisory, D.F. King has distinguished itself as the trusted industry leader providing strategic knowledge and proactive solutions to address your corporate governance needs. Our team of experts works directly alongside you to offer ongoing guidance and support to ensure you succeed in today’s ever-changing business and regulatory risk landscape.

Backed by decades of experience, we provide year-round advisory services and keen analytical capabilities. D.F. King is your go-to trusted advisor for personalized ownership insight that can help you unlock the knowledge you need to navigate your business in concert with your shareholders. We’re by your side to lead you through the entire process, from initial research, planning, and timing, to flawlessly executing the strategy.

With extensive knowledge of current proxy voting guidelines, shareholder trends, and corporate governance best practices, D. F. King diligently drafts custom reports on changes to keep you apprised of any potential impact to your company. Maintain confidence that with D.F. King and the full EQ organization, you will have greater knowledge in every share.

As your dedicated partner, we deliver key data and insights by leveraging our deep experience with complex situations. Our advanced tools provide you with the information you need to effectively communicate to your board and shareholders before problems arise. Our proactive and collaborative approach is the backbone of the relationship we build with you and the foundation upon which we earn our industry-leading trust ratings.

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Our Experts

Zally Ahmadi

Senior Vice President

Zally provides high-level advisory and proactive solutions as Senior Vice President, Corporate Governance, ESG & Executive Compensation at D.F. King.

Michael Madalon

Senior Vice President

Mike is a trusted advisor providing solicitation and corporate governance advisory services to a broad range of clients, focusing on shareholder analysis, vote models and investor outreach programs.

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