Transfer Agent Services

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We help businesses navigate the complex world of Transfer Agent services, offering the right mix of expert guidance and powerful tools to manage shareholder records, communicate with shareholders, make the most of critical data, and much more. We offer Transfer Agent services via these key products and services:

Transfer Agent Services

We offer comprehensive Transfer Agent services. After working to understand your company and goals, we offer the right guidance when it comes to your shareholder records. With a close eye on efficiency and compliance, we strive for accuracy in records management to save you both time and money.

We can help with:

Customer Communications & Shareholder Engagement

Use our exclusive multi-channel consumer data platform to communicate with your shareholders and other key contacts. Make targeted offers, improve return on investment for your shareholder engagement efforts, and get real insight into how to select and reach exactly the right people. 

We can help with:

  • Customer Experience
  • Cost Reduction
  • Mail & Email Delivery
  • Augmented Reality 

Data Analytics

We help you understand your shareholder base at a new level. Offering data that’s legally and industry-compliant, our solutions make it possible to monitor equity, meet filing obligations and prepare for annual meetings.

We can help with investor analytics:

  • Share balance reporting
  • Shareholder lists
  • Proxy reports
  • Geographic survey

Location Services

Make your communications strategy as effective as possible by validating the current location of your registered shareholder base. We offer assistance to companies that want to streamline printing and postage costs to make sure that your shareholders are still where you expect to reach them.

Abandoned Property

Dormant accounts can cost your company time and money. We can reconnect shareholders to their abandoned shares, as well as find the beneficiary for shares belonging to deceased persons.  Our programs are designed to reunite shareholders with abandoned assets and contact claimants of accounts where owners may be deceased.

We can help with:

  • Asset Reunification
  • Lost or Dormant Shareholders
  • International Owner Location
  • Deceased Account Resolution
  • Unexchanged Shareholders


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