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Trust In Us

Rest assured: You are in safe hands with EQ. We want you to thrive. We work with you on pricing, we extend your own team and we support shareholders with their financial futures.

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Transfer agent to 20% of S&P 500

Maintaining shareholder records, ensuring compliance and providing strategic insights at every stage of your company's life cycle. 

  • Recordkeeping & compliance
  • Issuance, transfer & cancellation of shares
  • Data accuracy & security
  • Investor strategies & analytics
  • Lost & dormant shareholder searches

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$300 billion payments processed across the globe

Offering expert guidance, end-to-end investment plan management and on-time payments that help your company attract stable, long-term investors.

  • Low or no-cost plans available
  • S-3 registered plans and non-registered plans offered
  • Capital-raising opportunity with waiver or waiver discount feature available to S-3 registered plans
  • Dividend Reinvestment Plans (DRIP)

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Supporting more than 200 client meetings each year

Helping you achieve company objectives by providing the right tools and technology in support of your annual meeting and proxy season.

  • In-person, hybrid or virtual meetings
  • Special meetings

Specializing in:

  • Proxy solicitation
  • Market & shareholder intelligence
  • Voting & tabulation
  • Print & mail services


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Responsible for 5 million shareholders

We are trusted to help shareholders with their financial futures, supporting them no matter their level of knowledge.

  • 24/7 access to best-in-class shareholder portal
  • Midwest-based call center support
  • Committed to first-call resolution

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88.3% success rate in locating owners

Lost or dormant shareholders create risk and expense for your company. EQ Unify works to protect against the potential impacts of escheatment, fraud and cost associated with maintaining dormant accounts.

  • Lost shareholder searches, pursuant of SEC Rule 17Ad-17 
  • Enhanced asset location, focused on lost accounts not eligible for SEC search and dormant accounts 
  • Unexchanged shareholder programs, to facilitate the exchange for cash or new shares as a result of a merger of acquisition 
  • Oddlot programs, offered to low volume shareholders as an affordable, convenient way to sell or increase shareholders 

What is escheatment? Download our Escheatment 101 White Paper

Best With Clients And Best With Shareholders

We've been rated the most trusted transfer agent and easiest to do business with according to the Group Five 2021 Investor Communications and Engagement Services Benchmarking Study, Transfer Agent Services. Our clients trust us with their business. We extend their own teams, providing the support to thrive.

99 %

processing accuracy

94 %

overall client satisfaction*


overall shareholder service satisfaction**

*industry average of 87% , **industry average of 79%

You Are In Safe Hands With EQ

Connect with our team to learn more about EQ's transfer agent offering and full range of services.

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An Extension Of Your Team

Our clients trust us with their business. We extend their own team, providing the support they need to thrive.

Relationship Team

With an average of 14 years of experience, you're in safe hands with EQ.

Customer Care Team

Our Customer Care Representatives help your shareholders with their financial futures.

Operations Team

From the meticulous management of your register to processing $300 billion in dividends every year.


"The team and all their supporting groups make for a cohesive relationship between us as an issuer and EQ as our transfer agent."

EQ utility client with 10,000 shareholders


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