Transfer Agent Services

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We help businesses navigate the complex world of shareholder services, offering the right mix of expert guidance and powerful tools to manage shareholder records, communicate effectively and efficiently with shareholders, maintain compliance and improve shareholder engagement.

Transfer Agent Services

As a transfer agent, we’re focused on delivering industry-leading service to corporations and their shareholders.

Every EQ client, from the largest to the smallest, is assigned a dedicated Relationship Management team. They manage the day-to-day needs of your company and your shareholders, giving you a single point of contact and a high level of responsiveness. Our Customer Care Center is staffed by knowledgeable representatives who earn consistently high marks for outstanding service.

More than just your record keeper, we take a collaborative, solutions-focused approach to your business. You get expert guidance when you need it and support for every initiative that involves your shareholders. Established in 1929, with offices in New York City and operations in Minnesota, EQ is the most experienced transfer agent in the U.S.

In addition to Transfer Agent services, EQ offers:

Recordkeeping & Compliance

First and foremost, EQ values accuracy and data security when it comes to maintaining your shareholder registry. We monitor all state and federal regulatory changes that affect your shareholders, and deliver the necessary filings and reports to keep you in compliance.

We provide:

  • Recordkeeping
  • Issuance, transfer & cancellation of shares
  • Dividend & interest payments
  • Reporting, compliance & data security
  • Lost and dormant shareholder searches

Shareholder Communications & Engagement

We represent your brand to your shareholders, and we take that responsibility seriously. Every interaction is an opportunity to strengthen your relationship with your shareholders. From the quick resolution of all calls to our Customer Care Center, to 24/7 account access through Shareowner Online, we aim for complete satisfaction.

We are also the experts when it comes to customizing proactive, targeted campaigns to engage your shareholder base. Such efforts help reduce the incidence of lost shareholders, minimize expenses, improve the effectiveness of your outreach, and help you gain traction on your goals.

Shareholder communications:

  • Midwest-based call-in Customer Care Center
  • Proxy voting and materials online
  • Paperless campaigns

Shareholder communications:

  • Reinvestment campaigns
  • Direct deposit campaigns – with and without a DSPP
  • Incentive programs to encourage shareholder behavior

When further engagement is desired, a full suite of proxy solicitation services is available through EQ Proxy

Data Analytics

A better understanding of your registered shareholder base leads to more informed strategic decisions and improves annual meeting preparedness. Your dedicated Relationship Management team can help you define your needs and accomplish your objectives in the most efficient manner. They can prepare customized reports on your behalf, or help you set up self-generated reports through our issuer online portal, Shareowner Client Connect.

We strengthen investor analytics with:

  • Share balance reports
  • Shareholder lists
  • Geographic surveys
  • Customized reports

For a deeper look into your shareholder base that includes beneficial shareholders, EQ Proxy can help.

Asset Reunification Services

Dormant accounts can cost your company time and money. In addition to conducting routine lost shareholder searches required by the SEC, EQ conducts enhanced searches on your behalf to locate both lost and dormant shareholders and reconnect them to their abandoned shares. In cases where the shareholder is deceased, we try to locate the claimant on the account.

Following a corporate action such as a merger or acquisition, our unexchanged shareholder program works to locate shareholders who have not exchanged their shares and help them through the process. If deceased, we locate the beneficiary of the account and help them exchange the shares.

Our asset reunification programs are designed to reduce maintenance fees associated with dormant accounts, improve shareholder satisfaction, improve the effectiveness of your communications and reduce printing and mailing costs.

Services include:

  • Enhanced Asset Location
  • Resolution of lost or dormant accounts
  • International owner location
  • Deceased account resolution
  • Unexchanged shareholder program


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